Questions from a beginner! :-)

Hey guys! :slight_smile: I just started playing Faeria and I’m really enjoying it so far. I used my remaining 10€ I still had on steam to get the beginner’s pack because I already had a solid 7-8 hours of fun in singleplayer and I kinda felt like the game “earned” that from me. I’m coming from Hearthstone and this game seems far friendlier in comparisson (starting with it’s community and presentation and ending with the amount of content).
Now my questions

  1. I noticed that I have a limited “Adventure Pouch”. I already gained enough points to technically earn some rewards (50 points right now) but so far I didn’t get any. Why is that? Do I have the wrong version (not paid for)?

  2. What is the best strategy if I want to unlock all 4 oversky islands? I used 1000 gems to unlock Goki but is it wise to invest all gold in islands or should I buy mission packs first?
    Also: Is there a certain order I should buy the islands in? (maybe because some yield way better rewards)

  3. I really enjoy the solo missions. Is there a certain order the rewards (on the right side) are coming in? If so: If there’s a second mystic chest reward for 10 solved puzzles (like there already has been one) and I ran out of Jalmyr puzzle packs, what can I do?

I’d be really grateful if someone could answer my questions! :-))

  1. The “Adventure Pouch” is like an extension of the Oversky expansion that can only be bought with gems (i.e. real money). The points you see there are the points you would have earnt so far had you bought the Adventure Pouch on day one. If you buy it now you will receive those points and the rewards they amount to with no penalty.
    As you may have seen, the Adventure Pouch, being “locked” behing a pay-wall, only gives cosmetics as rewards, so there is nothing that affects the PvP gameplay there. So buying it or not is up to you.

  2. The islands can be bought with in-game currency (gold) or real money (gems). With gems, you can buy each island separately or get a bundle with all of them (which i guess would be less expensive). With gold you can only buy the islands separately, 9500g per island.
    The islands are relatively expensive compared to chests in that each one requires almost 10 times as much gold. However the rewards for buying a single island heavily surpass 10 packs worth of cards. Packs will give you mostly commons and rares (and duplicates, if your collection is anything but minimal) while each island guarantees a legendary and several unique and powerful cards. And you also get the full set for each card (x3 each card, except legendaries)
    You can preview the card you get for each island before buying it.
    Wether to save for the islands or start buying packs its mostly up to you. If you had a decent collections, the islands would be the correct answer, but being a new player you are in kind of a tough spot.

btw, 1000 gems in goki is always a good choice no matter what (if you want to go full f2p).

  1. That is a question i had when I started aswell. I dont remember :stuck_out_tongue:. But i have never got stuck with a mission that couldn’t be solved (like the one with the puzzles you mention) even tough i always liked to do the puzzles first. So… idk. I dont think you’ll run into any trouble or miss some rewards.
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Thank you very much for answering so quickly! :slight_smile:
Yeah, I did the math and Goki seems like a very good deal IF I get more gold from him more than once during the 30 days I have him.
I have around 2000 gems now (leftovers from my 10€ purchase) - would you advice me to also invest them into Goki (x2) AFTER the 30 days are over?

Edit: One other question:
How do I get a pandora coin (to enter the pandora mode)?
From what I’ve gathered I’m able to buy coins for gold after my remaining coins run out but I also noticed that those practice coins are worth 1/3rd of a full coin?! Do I really get a chance to get 1/3rd of a pandora coin each day? That’d be awesome! :open_mouth:

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Well, i always hire goki because i am 100% f2p (not even preorder) and i value gold more than gems. so spending 1000 that i slowly get form the daily login rewards to get at least 14000g is pretty good for me.
But for you, if you are willing to spend more money in the game, maybe you could save those 2000 gems and get enough gems to buy something bigger (like a cosmetic set or the bundle with all the islands).
If you are NOT going to spend any more money, yeah. goki is probably your best bet.

Pandora coins can be bought for 2000g each. Im not sure if you have to use all the one you have before buying a new one, but it kinda makes sense…
And yeah, every day, when the daily loging reward and the daily quest reset, you get a new practice coin only if you dont already have one (so you can only have one at a time). And also, yes, each practice coin is a chance (3 wins in the practice run) to get 1/3 of a full Pandora coin (which, if you complete is at least one chest and about 500g guaranteed, for an 0-3 full Pandora run)
Also keep in mind that, even though you can only have one practice coin at a time, you can use the practice coin to start a practice run, and even if you dont finish, the next day you WILL get a new practice coin.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Will I run out of quests (on lane 1)? I saw videos on YT of players who ran out of “leveling quests” (the ones for 500g) but I think I remember the game mentioning that this lane will always be refreshed with random missions? :open_mouth:

Yes, its as you say. Once you complete all the mission packs os a lane it will stars offering a wild mission pack. However i dont know if you need to finish all three lanes first.
Each wild mission pack contains (i think) 5 wild missions which are randomly selected from a limited pool of wild missions. Each wild pak costs 500g and you can open 3 at a time (one for each completed lane). Wild packs will reset once completed so you can buy them again. This way, the amount of mission you can complete is infinite, but missions will start repeating after a while (because, as I said, each pack gives you 5 random missions out of a limited pool. idk how many are there in total)
Wild missions give you no reward other than experience (about 150-200 exp per mision IIRC), how ever, when you unlock wild packs, a new objective will start appearing, whick will give you a free chest for every 2 wild packs that you complete. And just like the wild packs, this objective will reset when completed.
The aftermath is that every wild pack costs 500g and every two wild packs you complete, you get a chest. This means you can spend your gold in wild packs and get the same amount of chests/card you would get otherwise while also having single-player content AND the exp.

This is sooooo great and so much better than Hearthstone! :smiley:
Sometimes you just don’t feel like playing against other players and this is a really good alternative (and thanks to that chest you get from finishing 2 packs you don’t even loose gold since 1000 gold is needed for a chest anyways).
Starting to like this game more and more.

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I generally agree with everything David said above, but would like to add some more points of my own.

Make sure you finish all the “standard” single player missions, before starting on the Oversky, which is challenging. Also Oversky is designed for playing with a friend -the AI allies are so bad, many missions are virtually unwinnable solo.

Pandora is generally the best mode to earn chests in. Read the “Complete Pandora breakdown” chapter of the Faeria Academy for more info on the rewards. Just make sure it’s Full Pandora and not the practice mode. In Singleplayer Pandora, just 5 wins will get you 2 free chests, plus you will earn points for rewards at the end of the month. So even though it costs 2000 gold (I do not advise spending gems on it, because it’s repeatable content), it’s better than buying 2 chests with the gold in the shop. Multiplayer Pandora is much harder, but has much better rewards.

Also, you need to complete a Pandora run before buying another. However, there’s no time limit on how long a run can remain uncompleted, so you don’t need to do it all in one sitting.

A wild pack is 7 missions, I think, so you need to complete 14 missions in total to get a chest. These are quite easy, but time-consuming. They also give you half the XP of the standard Battle mode if you win, and nothing if you lose. In Battle mode, a win is worth 33% of a level and a loss 25%. So I have always preferred to spend the 1000 gold required on simply buying a chest in the store.

Try not to buy Battle chests with gems, unless you have a surplus from login rewards. Mythic chests, however, are well worth the investment!

Thanks for your advice! :slight_smile:

Another thing I’ve noticed that for some reason I tend to be REALLY lucky in this game (compared -again- to HS). After playing some forest decks I jumped over to fire (which I kinda regard as the little more aggressive version). In just the week I’m playing now I drew 3 legendaries which are regarded S Tier and they all fit in my fire deck :smiley: (“Garudan” (in mystic!)/“Seifer” and “Time for Legends”) and I’m currently steamrolling my way through every encounter xD

I also enjoyed some very good rounds of Pandora so far