"Rampage" Daily Quest is misleading

The “Rampage” Daily Quest reads: “Deal 60 damage to enemies”.

But I noticed my progress wasn’t increasing as fast as I expected on this one, so I played a game and recorded every bit of damage that I did to any enemy and how I did it.

20: damage done by my creatures/structures to enemy creatures (including 4 damage in overkill)
12: damage done by my creatures’ effects to the opponent
4: damage done by my spells (events) to enemy creatures/structures
11: damage done by my creatures to the opponent by attacking them directly
3: damage done by my spells to the opponent

When I checked my quest progress after this game, it had only increased by 20!

Therefore, it seems like the Rampage Quest only counts damage done by creatures and structures to enemy creatures. It does not count damage that you directly deal with spells, nor damage done to the opponent’s orb.

This contradicts the wording of the quest which is “deal damage to enemies”. Cards like Groundshaker make it very clear that your opponent’s orb is an enemy, and cards like Wild Avenger suggest that any effect which lowers your life is the dealing/taking of damage.

While the wording could be changed, this seems like a really specific requirement. Why not just change the quest to “deal 100 damage to any enemies”, and count damage from any source to any enemy target?

Just noting here that this sounds like a bug to me, and I’ve forwarded it to be looked at.

“Damage to enemies” should indeed mean any damage to any enemy.

Thanks for the report.

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