Ranged Balance Consider

What about we change Ranged:

  • From: Attacks the first enemy in a straight line (friendly units block the way). Can’t move and attack in the same turn.
  • To: attack a enemy up to 2/3 spaces.(reduce HP to 2 or can’t receive HP buff).
  • allowing attacks up to 2/3 spaces takes away some importance in positioning and basically gives the creature jump (or better) and protection when attacking.
  • i am not sure what you mean by : reduce HP to 2 or can’t receive HP buff

one idea that could be interesting to explore is allowing range creature to move and attack but always allow the enemy to retaliate. Range become a more versatile option to pick fight rather then a way of doing damage without taking any.

lorewise, its a bit harder to explain this mechanic thought

  • can’t receive HP buff, example: we have a ranged creature with 3/2, and we use Ruunin’s Command on it, it will become 5/2, not 5/4.
    My idea is we need a defender for a ranged like a pair, to trade for can move and attack same a turn. And I think ranged creature is a other core for Red is a best idea.