Ranged Deathtouch

So had a fellow equip a ranged to a unit with deathtouch. I don’t think this should be a thing.

I mean you could say “he is just being salty” I kinda am but my opinion still stands.

Units with deathtouch normally have 1) low hp or 2) you need to sacrifice a unit.

Adding range kinda negates the low hp disadvantage and no unit needed to be sacrificed.

It may not seem it, but ranged creatures are actually very weak in this game. As you gain more experience, you will come to see how easy they are to counter. Even a creature with ranged and deathtouch can be handled easily.

To add in : a ranged deathtouch combination can onlt be obtain by equipping a deathtouch creature (there aren’t many, and half of them have 1hp) with a canon carrier. That unit costs 7, which is very expensive, and has a bad body. So using it on a deathtouch is not easy, and it’s a heavy commitment, which can be punished quite easily (Yellow hard removals, blue transforms, red blasts …)
Last but not least, as long as the opponent doesn’t play yellow, it’s unlikely that the unit can move before attacking, so you just have to avoid putting a creature in its line of sight and it will be fine.