Ranged minions need some rework!

I get that this could all be me not knowing everything after only playing for one day. The ranged minions in this game seem to be a bit crazy and seem to be pretty much broken early on if you aren’t lucky enough to have some sort of removal to counter. I am sure I don’t need to go more in depth on this part so I will move on to what I think would be some good ideas for balance. Make them only able to dmg minions. Do not let them be buffed by any means. Make them take damage when dealing damage to a minion. Obviously you could buff the hp a little if you went to take dmg when dealing dmg to minions. These are the main things that I think should take place in order to balance this type of card a little bit more. Can take all, some, or none of these ideas, but I think doing nothing about this will hurt the game in the long run.

Ranged is currently considered one of the worst keywords in the game, even if it has the potential to easily become completely broken. The fact that they can’t move then attack makes them predictable (well, except if the get Flash Winded or stuff like that). Sure, one in early might be annoying, but you just have to rush it down, or simply blast it (Ranged minions have low stats). If they buff it, then it makes a great target for single removals such as Last Nightmare or Frogify. Lastly, if you don’t want to take damage early on your orb, you can still put a small minion in front in roder to gain some time while you build your lands towards it.
With the amount of info you give, that’s pretty much all I can say (what kind of Ranged is giving you trouble especially ?)
Keep in mind that Ranged minions barely see any play at top level, so they can’t be so strong, right ? :smiley:


This is a balance topic. You even stated it can easily become completely broken. Whether they are played at all in the game is irrelevant. I just noticed something that seemed to be lacking balance and thought I would make a topic and give a suggestion or two as to how it could be better. This game is new and could use all the help it can get. I personally enjoy this game a lot even if only being in it for two days now. I would like to see it become very successful and balancing cards is a great way to keep new players and bring more to the game. I bought all the cards as well and am doing a ton of testing. My suggestion for balancing ranged minions remains. I will continue having a blast playing and hope all others will do the same!
Also it wasn’t that they are giving me trouble. It was just a terrible rng situation for me in pandora. It just showed me how crazy these cards can be.

I agree whether they are played at all isn’t directly linked to this topic, but it is certainly not “irrelevant”. Indirectly, it means ranged minions are easily countered once you learn to do so. To my mind, a type of cards that can easily be countered can’t be said to be “unbalanced” (unless it is too easily countered of course, in which case it surely need some kind of buff). You just need to find strategies to deny their power, and I can assure to you these techniques do exist :slight_smile:
Which ones of the ranged minions give you hard time in particular ?

Thanks and ya so far none have. I can usually deal with them. It was a very unlucky situation in pandora that made me feel they need to be worked on, Unbalanced is not the best word just what I went with.