Ranked Play Question

I am currently rank 10, with one star. What happens (specifically) if I lose the next 5 games? Please tell me what would happen to my rank level and why in this example situation. Thank you to anyone who answers!

Rank 10, 0 star. You will not demote from Rank 10 until season end.

If you want to start at Rank 10 next season, you have to reach Rank 9 this season. Otherwise, you will drop from 10 to 15 at the end of this season. Good luck!

Is this a question about what your ranking will be after the season reset? Or is it a question of what will your ranking be after losing a bunch of games when you are rank 10?

TO: Decabytes,

The later.

@PorpusBoy From the Faeria wiki.

New players start at rank 25. Winning games will reward players with star. Losing games will remove star from players. Players can earn more stars with winning streak. The winning streak grants players a bonus star if they won 3 or more ranked matches in a row. Defeating a much stronger opponent grants players a bonus star. Each rank has a specific number of slots waiting to be filled with stars. When player fills their rank with stars he gets a new rank (in decreasing order). Once player filled rank 1 with stars he reaches ‘God’ rank. All ranks are reset at the end of the season to the bottom of the current tier (for ‘God’ rank it is rank 10). Note, that each rank requires different number of stars:


Once you reached a new League you can’t demote from it or lose ranks below each reached checkpoint (25, 20, 15, 10)

So it appears once you are rank 10 that you will not demote lower than that by losing a bunch of games. But this is only for certain ranks which are “checkpoints” which you can’t go below. But I admit I don’t play ranked much so someone chime in if this isn’t up to date.

would you please tell me when or where to find the schedule for Season reset. Current Impression is once a month on the 6th or 7th

The first monday of every month.

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