Ranked Players should not be paired against Casuals

I just think it feels a little unfair that a loss can bring me down in rank but if they lose they lose nothing. I just feel that people who choose to play ranked should only be paired against other ranked players. Casual players should only be paired against casual players.

It has to do with the low avg number of players :3 as long as it’s keeping queue times as low as possible then I think it’s a necessity, however once the queue times get down to about 30 seconds tops(Which would probably be at about 1k avg players) Then I’d be all for this change. Until then I’d rather not wait an extra minute on average.
As an example- If queue times were about 2-3 minutes higher for casual vs ranked(right now I’d guess it’s about 30s higher) then no one would play that mode, so it’d be much the same. But we’d lose a cool mode that let’s us experiment without repercussion. Which is what I would think would happen if they decided to separate the queue’s tomorrow.

I like it that casual and ranked are matched. when I’m playing a new list and want to test it- I’m glad that I can do vs ranked players because I just imagine they are trying harder so it can be an actual test.
as far as losing to casuals- meh, a loss is a loss- you would have lost rank anyway and you would get the same reward if you won…so who cares.