Ranked season reset

What happened with the ranked season reset?

It happened :slight_smile:
The season is reset!

Not for me, i was rank 15 util sunday, and i’m still rank 15. Just got the card back as a reward, but no reset. Thought it happened to everyone.

Did you by any chance reach rank 14? See this post:

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I reached rank 14, but ended on 15, i thought the rank we were at the end of the season was what mattered. I have seen that post, and thought i would be on rank 20 because i was 15 at the end.

Now i understand what happened, ty J0k3se. :grin:

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Pandora rank counts for gain card back and others rewards?

Atmaz - Today at 5:33 PM
Those rewards are for the Ranked season only
Pandora has no seasons, and the ranking system for it is still considered temporary(edited)