Rapala mission pack epic help

I’m trying to beat the Rapala epic mission pack,where he destroys my deck and having trouble,as he seems to have a endless supply of taunts to block my every attempt. I’ve found suggested decks here to beat him,but I lack over half the cards for said decks,and I can’t afford to go crafting cards just for that one mission. Would anyone be able to help me out in finally beating him,as I’m getting extremely frustrated at loosing in multiple successive tries. Here’s the deck I’m currently using http://www.faeriadecks.com/EkBvjDPif

Try cutting some of the slower neutrals like syland warrior, maceman and outland ranger. The syland warrior is particularly bad for that mission where you’re trying to kill as fast as you can; steamforge enforcers are a much better choice for damage.
If you’re severely lacking cards then maybe you might want to consider just holding back on that mission for a while and playing some other stuff until you have a few more of the yellows.

Do an all neutral deck, pick your best and go for it. I beat him first try after doing that

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I used a red deck and played until I got a good starting hand