Rapala Quests

To be honest, this Rapala quest really feels like an ordinary way of the gamemakers to make some quick money. You’ve got several solutions to bypassing Rapala, which include money: All the other quests cost a lot of coins to start, which of course you can buy with real money. Or you could buy a few good cards to defeat him.

I’ve tried over 15 times with different decks and just can’t defeat Rapala.
I LOVE THIS GAME, but this quest is ruining so much of the fun.

Without continuing in solo, you also can’t get more cards, so then if you play online, you’ll always have an inferior deck. So playing multiplayer instead of Rapala isn’t really a solution either.

I’d like to suggest to make the Rapala Quest a bit easier or to add other quests to do to get some better cards so that it’s at least plausible to defeat Rapala. <3

Thanks a lot for reading and at I hope you’ll consider it.

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Sounds like you may have had enough deck-building fun for this one quest, but it definitely doesn’t require any Legendary, Epic or even Rare cards to beat it reliably, so take heart.

Here’s another thread with some suggestions which might help you to get past it: Fights like the level 13 Rapala quest are silly

This mission was what brought me to the hub and the community. Intentional or not I probably wouldnt have got as involved as i did without it. And i did it with mainly starter cards.

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“doesn’t require any legendary, Epic or event rare cards to beat it reliable, so take heart” its only a paywall.

I’ve purchased a bunch of gems and chests for cards already in a steam pack, and still can’t build the decks people are recommending on forums. i simply haven’t RNG’d enough of the cheap neutral cards required, and don’t have enough crystals this early in the game.

This smells fishy… oh wait. this isn’t just silly or lazy dev’s or broken mission, this is an intentional paywall because you need specific low level cards and there’s only a narrow option to get them, win, pay. ok… I think this became more more obvious to me because my other two mission packs are also locked behind gold/gems, which i just tnoight bought some to unlock, and get cards to build something for this RAPALA deck. 4 hours later, i’m regretting spending a cent, probably 10 RNG loses.

Justt wish i had that full core set. I bet it would help. Instead i’m supposed to pay for more gems and chests and RNG card dupes. I bet a lot of these are argueablye 9x easier if you bought that “core set” i keep hearing about. New players can’t RNG the right chest spawns to build the deck required for the hyper RNG mission. does this happen at level 18,24,28,32,36, etc too?

the above description is some RNG time wasted and $ spent. I honestly wonder if this was put in place expecting a core set, and they forgot how difficult it is starting without.

Let me be specific. i don’t care we can no longer purchase the core set, i’m saying the rapala missions and packs seem to be tuned to REQUIRE and EXPECT that core set range of cards that are unattainable without paying and playing the chest RNG game.

Really sorry to hear you’re still struggling. I beat it F2P without any frustration, but maybe the starter cards have changed, since I remember not having to craft anything. The quest hasn’t changed since then, so if the starter cards have changed, then yes, it was designed for players with a different starting collection.

The cards you need are really not very specific though. If you let me know what the starter cards are (probably all the cards you have 3 of) I’d be happy to try to make the best deck I can out of those and let you know how I go.

The deck really helped me, I was able to create most of the cards needed by de-enchanting some other cards I had. This Rapala quest is what brought me to the forums, so that’s a positive side. I like that it challenges someone to make multiple decks and try them out, but as a fair suggestion: Perhaps make this kind of quest as the very-very last quest in the solo series. As a hard boss, perhaps? Cause right now, it was the last quest-lane you could do that was not locked, and that really made it seem like it was just there for to get people to pay money. I’m glad I can still play on F2P!

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Are you talking about the fish quest where he destroys your whole deck? If so, it just happened that my main deck was well suited to beat that, and so it only took me two tries. Try using hold the Line, Bloomsprite, Spellwhirl, etc – any cards that give you more cards without drawing from a deck. I haven’t spent any money except for $5 so I could buy a gold miner (super good deal).

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The “lanes” don’t need to be done in order. I really don’t think they are positioned in any specific way to make you spend real money. What else is gold for, really, if not for unlocking solo content? If you’re blowing it on cosmetics, then it’s no wonder you’d have to spend real money so you can afford solo quests.