Rarity should be showed in the collection and crafting screens

Please put up/in the same colors/symbols from the chest screen in the collection and crafting screen. But with no mouseover required. just show the color and rarity word below it. Im using an Ipad so just make it small with all that info visable without needing to tap it. in the collection screen, Maybe move the crafting button a little to the right and put the graphics there. Or in the very lower left corner of the screen. It’d be nice to have this info handy without going to another screen to find it.

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You can type the words “Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary” in the search box to find them that way. But results won’t show until you type the entire word, which is a bit inconvenient. Four icons to click on like the Faeria cost would be nice.

OH YEAH. being able to click/tap (on ipad) would be cool to sort the cards. But I was just thinking of a display to show the info. Just to show the color, symbol, and word. I was originally thinking a non-interactive showing of the words in a graphic.

It would be nice to get four buttons for choose the cards rarity.