Rate my 2 ladder decks

Hey guys

Im sorta new player here but I have been playing games like duelyst and hearthstone for a couple of years. I made my first 2 ladder decks, the first one being completely my invention and the second one a modified version of the ‘deadly crusade’ recipe.
Please tell me how i can improve these decks.

Deck 1:
Mountain deck, using combat mechanic to slowly kill the enemy.
Village elder x1
imp gaurd x2
outland ranger x2
safegaurd x3
devouring plant x1
siefer’s wrath x2
blood singer x2
flame burst x2
gift of steel x3
herald of war x1
underground brigade x3
firebomb x2
blazing salamander x2
shedin brute x2
underground boss x2
siefer blood tyrant x1

Deck 2:
A modified version of ‘deadly crusade’ recipe
master swordsman x1
rebel glider x2
rebel slinger 3
freedom fighter x1
flash wind x1
khalim’s prayer x2
soul pact x2
khalim’s follower x1
khalim’s training x1
sould drain x2
oradim templar x1
oradrim fanatic x2
oradrim monk x3
shaytan demon x2
wind soldier x1
windborn emissary x2
air elemental x1
khalim’s skygaurds x2

The first deck, Syland Horsemaster would be really good for mobility. Queen’s and King’s Guards are nice additions too to fit with the combat theme. It’s a bit difficult to advise without knowing what cards you have.

This deck should give you some ideas: https://www.faeria.com/the-hub/deck/1445-mcxi-red-combat

The second one looks like a yellow rush deck. It’s pretty good already but Training is not needed when rushing, emissary is not good either with not many other flying creatures. Zealous Crusaders are great for rush to combine with all the haste creatures. Some hard removal will be handy too.

Example: https://www.faeria.com/the-hub/deck/1547-yellow-rush-glider

You can search on the hub for deck ideas.

They can be quite funny to play in my opinion!
Anyway having high differentiated decks (multi-color, 1-2 instances of many cards) in ranked games can be tricky against mono/bi color decks that normally maximize specific synergies (“combos”), because your hand is very casual and unpredictable. But I think they can be ok for casual matches mate :slight_smile: