RE: More Solo Missions & In-Game "Featured" clip

Hi there, Devs & GMs!

I have mentioned in my other post in the decks/general section about my decklist that I had used for how I finished the 9 solo missions. Aside from PvP, I really love the basis of “Card Collection” the use of a card collection to creatively build a deck for Solo purposes, avoiding simply using a “meta deck” to deal with solo missions (so why really have “an adventure mode”? when it is the same anyways)

Today watching the Faeria Tournament, I also heard that there will be more Solo Missions, I am truly excited for this news. I was going to write about it before I even heard this topic during the Q&A.

I am definitely rooting for more “solo adventures” to strike creativity into our minds aside from “meta decks” from all over as solo missions should “often” challenge some “tech” or card choices that are “not-likely-seen” in the “meta decks” I truly hope to engage in more interesting “replay” or “highlighting”, that can guide newer players as to how they can complete a particular difficult mission or challenge.

For that display of how to complete a challenge, I was wondering if games would allow like in-game

part 1) 15 to 30-second segment of doing a cool replay of 1 particular turn that could have been truly interesting or marvelous, aside from our own recording purposes.

part 2) And then they can be evaluated or reviewed first before any “bulletin for highlight of the week or month”. I am definitely not a pro, so this has no personal benefit. But I think it would be marvelous to be able to get to see interesting plays from players from around the world and their understanding of any game.

I am not sure how I was going to phrase the above part 1 and 2 exactly. Even though you have listed online decklist sites, I like to suggest an in-game accessible “replay” to visually experience a really short “featured (once a month or top-10 interesting unique gameplay upon evaluation accessible via in-game bulletin)” clip for certain solo mission/challenge.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Yours sincerely,

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