RE: Solo Missions

Hi there Devs and GMs, and any players who have just started (mainly without “FULL Collection”)!

I tried Faeria last weekend. I really enjoyed it very much!

Today, I have been watching almost every minute of the Faeria Tournament up until the Q&A where Solo Missions were mentioned. I really enjoy “Solo Adventure” aspect of card games as well to strike another note away from “meta decks” based on PVP as sometimes Solo Adventures should actually challenge your “creativity”. I didn’t unlock “Full Collection” and I still made a relatively strong deck via the $24.99 entry bundle… and then moving onward to attempt the current-released 9 Solo Missions.

Here’s my decklist from imgur: After 20 Boosters $24.99 + Boosters from the first 5 Levels I obtained Warstorm Champion from the first 20 boosters from the Early Access Bundle of 24.99!

To explain about this decklist: King’s Guard is an average-value neutral card that can “draw a card” per combat. And then that is a (6-cost with 3Red+3Green) Warstorm Champion that gets +1/+1 per ATTACK from all or any of your creatures is a really strong card but you may want to watch out against Mirror Phantasm or Frogify or Last Nightmare… other than that this decklist is reasonably cheap compared to the "meta deck of Sacrifice “Feed the Forest” Green)

Here is my playlist for the Solo Missions after creating the decklist. The card change may or may not have been played during some of the missions but this is a reasonable non-meta deck to do Solo in a different manner or a “creative (weaker) manner”.

I thought that the Blue Mission TWO was the toughest, maybe also the third but I got really lucky, anyways without purpose of self-advertising, I would like to include my playlist of all 9 Solo Missions (just to share my gameplay experience) : Faeria (Early Access) First 9 Solo Missions

I hope you guys will enjoy it even though it may or may not be too quiet. I moved my tutorial gameplay at the end as it was more than an hour long as I was taking my time to properly learn the game. In my tutorial, I definitely highlighted how I truly value the “positional strategy” and also OCCUPYING Opponent Non-Neutral Lands to cause the opponent to play at a disadvantage just like “most” board-control games that when “tiles have already been occupied”.

Thank you for your kind attention. Please continue your fantastic work, Devs & GMs! Hope to hearing and seeing more awesomeness!

Yours sincerely,