Really enjoying the game, but

Hey there

This game was a really good find for me, at last a CCG with some real strategy element to it, am really enjoying getting to know it, until today!! I have a couple of hours spare, so I think, “sweet, let’s play some Faeria” - NOPE!!

“Cannot start game now, servers are full” :frowning:

Now ok, I know this is a free game (though I did buy the Steam DLC for it), but is it becoming a victim of its own success already? Did no one suspect when it actually came out of beta and onto gaming platforms for general release that they may need some more server capacity than they had in beta?

“Ah begone, you whingeing knave”, I hear you cry, and yes, perhaps I am having a little whinge, but only because of the frustration of finding an awesome game and being denied the pleasure of playing when I have some spare time!

I hope that this is a hiccup and not a problem that is going to persist, as I really do love the game, and I want to play *jumps up and down and spits dummy out"

Have a good day all


edit OK, I have now just seen the topic relating to this! lol Perhaps an eagle eyed admin can move it :slight_smile: