Really fun game!

I was a kickstarter backer of the game and I just came back after a year or two since I’ve been seeing more news on the game again and when I tried tot come back a few months ago the shop was bugged out for me.The game is starting to look really wonderful so much as been improved since the days it was in a web browser. It’s a ton fun to play, I haven’t played enough to see some of these imbalances people are talking about. Good job and good luck to the future!


It is goood fun :smiley: the only thing that bothers me a little is going up against some one with a much stronger deck.

Either 1) they brought all the cards 2) they have played a lot and have a combination of good cards and experience.

I have no problem with 2 good for them!

1 Ehh they may have stronger cards but may not know how to play well build a balanced deck etc…

I mean I have won with just the codex decks and pandora takes all of it out of the equation and it just comes down to experience and luck.

Where was I going with this again…

Yes! Despite it’s small donwfalls pretty awesome game.

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