Reaver Bounce. The deck I used to reach godrank (s8)


Here is a video of the deck I used to climb to godrank this season. Basically I was trying to make a Azure Wisp deck work, but I gave up on the idea pretty quickly and ended up with this.

So its a blue deck. But its not your typical deck, its not the Blue7, discount or draw-like-crazy-to-get-reaver or even an enchantment deck. This deck is focusing on establishing early boardcontrol that combined with the decks mobility will help you stay ahead in the harvesting-game. Thats right! It is a deck that harvests Faeria! In 2017 :slight_smile:
I feel that I have been favored against a lot of decks, the ones I struggle against the most are the yellow-event decks with colossos. I have almost not seen ANY rush this season, but the rushs I have faced have been about 50/50, depending a lot on my draws.


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Nice deck, but why do you play three dream reavers?

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Because they are super powerful and I wanna make sure I have one when I get my 7th lake! :slight_smile:
They can be used defensively (heal and block) or aggressively (reduce opponents health and dash up).