Recommended UI improvements

First things first, the developers and artists of Faeria did a more than amazing job with the appearance and fluidity of the new UI. Ultimately, Abrakam truly proved themselves as a capable and dedicated game company with update 0.96 of Faeria. However, with all the positives there are some negatives. As for this post, I hope to address the minuscule problems of the new UI, and I will provide possible ways of improvement.

Main Menu

  • Implement an interactive background instead of a navigation bar. Moreover, include clickable images within the background to direct users to each menu. This would eliminate small buttons within the navigation bar, which are somewhat difficult to distinguish, especially the chest opening icon. Examples: have clickable boulders that direct the user to the battle menu, a creature sitting in the trees that directs the user to deck building, and Fugoro fishing at a pond in the corner of the screen that directs the user to the shop. Even the already existing girl that looks like Sharra could direct the user to the profile menu.
  • As for removing the navigation bar, the Faeria logo in the top left corner of the screen would exist in every menu to direct the user back to the main menu as it already does. The main menu would then become the source of all navigation.
  • Remove the three news posts located at the right side of the screen. Replace them with a link in the form of an image that would direct the user to the Hub. This would free room if an interactive background were to be implemented. Also, the main menu would become more visually appealing and feel less cluttered.

Opening Chests

  • Way back when Azarai had the ability to kill another creature, nothing frustrated me more than needing to enter Faeria’s shop in order to buy more chests. There’s little sense in going to the shop, buying chests individually, confirming the purchase, returning to the chest opening menu, and then finally being able to open chests again. To fix this annoyance, change “Go to the shop” to “Buy more chests” and have a sub-window appear instead of the user being directed to a separate menu (shop). The sub-window would appear at the center of the screen and look as it does in the image (link) below.

Chest Opening Sub-window

  • With reference to the image above, the user would be able to type their desired amount of chests and then buy it/them with a matching amount of currency. Trust me, this simple improvement is a must-have for the game.

Deck Builder

  • Replace “Craft cards” / “View collection” with a search bar (remove the search bar located in the search sub-window when the search icon is clicked). Typing at any time would be affiliated with the search bar, providing a much easier search for cards (no clicking required).
  • Include in the search sub-window a filter for “complete sets,” “incomplete sets,” and “empty sets.” I’m referring to sets as the amount of cards owned for one card. Example: 3/3 yaks.
  • Remove the leftmost column of cards in order to incorporate the crafting buttons. All of the following points mean there would be one menu instead of switching between collection and crafting. Moreover, the player could craft cards while editing their deck, and they could filter the cards they don’t own in order to complete their deck if some cards are missing.

The image (link) below expresses each of the points above:

Deck Builder

  • Most important of all the recommended improvements, there should be a way to queue for a battle in the deck builder menu. Along with this, screen capturing a deck should be easier (streamers and players at the moment struggle with this as for the compact layout). As for these issues, simply add them to the settings icon dropdown in deck editing. This is described and shown in the image (link) below.

“Battle” and “View” options

  • As seen in the image above, the settings icon dropdown would have two new buttons under it. “Battle” would open a sub-window with the option to queue for casual or ranked (queue would be disrupted if the selected deck is edited in any way). “View” would provide a list of cards in the selected deck as a sub-window that stretches the height of the screen. This provides for easier screen captures and deck viewing in general.
  • Moreover, needing to select “create a deck” and then “build deck” when the formula screen appears is a somewhat annoying two-step process. “Create a deck” should immediately bring the user to the deck editing screen. As for formulas, a button for them would fit perfectly along with “view” and “battle” when clicking the settings button in deck editing.
  • Quick fix: move the number of cards owned below each card (example: 3/3 yaks) to the side of each card; they are currently obstructed by the mythic card border.
  • Overlap each card with their mystic versions. To explain it differently, when scrolling for cards, have mythics beneath each card with about 1/4 of their card art overlapped by its regular version. There would be a filter option for the user that would provide a choice between bringing the mythic or regular version to the front.

Last Words (no, not the card ability)

Overall, the new UI is awesome! Seriously, outstanding job Abrakam. I hope the improvements above are carefully considered, as they would make a great UI even greater. Thanks for reading everyone and please leave comments concerning the listed suggestions or any ideas you Faeria people might have! :grin:

I agree with most of everything you said, except maybe your suggestions for the main menu.

I disagree in that I think menues need to be functional first and foremost. When they are integrated into complex images, information and ease can be lost. It works pretty well for games like Darkest Dungeon because each part of the town menu is unlocked over time, giving the player time to learn where everything is. I guess you could factor that into this game’s tutorial, but I would much rather have a readable overlay than an interactive picture.

Though I would argue they also want the flexibility to change that image over time, be it for different seasons, holidays, etc. If they had to rebuild the menu functionality each time they did, it would get daunting.

Your’e probably right. I only thought so since many of the menus have backgrounds to them and maybe adding an interactive one would be a nice touch to the game. I don’t agree with ease being lost since the images would be much larger and clear than the icons they have now, although, I do agree with season changes and the ability to manipulate it overtime.

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