Recruit a friend doesn't work

Hello. Several days ago I got a friend to play Faeria. He is now level 8, and from what I read on forums I understood that we can benefit from a recruit a friend thing, if he sets me as his recruiter while below level 15. Except no matter what we do, he simply doesn’t even have the option to set me as recruiter on on friend list.
Oh, and here it says he needs to be level 5…
While here, like I read before inviting him to play, it says level 15…
Thank you.

Probably they have changed the level limit in the past. I think the 15 level limit is the actual one from some post on Discord channels.
Anyway your friend should have a recruiter text field in his friends list. If it doesn’t appear there, probably he has already used it (with a wrong nickname perhaps) or has leveled up to fast unluckily.
I think anyway that the support team could fix it anytime. In case your friend could also create a new account, it’s just a matter of few minutes, but it could require a new Steam/email account too

Thank you for reply. He doesn’t seem to have the recruitment text field anywhere… He hasn’t used it at all yet, and he is level 8, so that shouldn’t be the issue… How can we reach the support team?

Hello! Yes, the limit to set up a recruiter is level 15 now (it used to be 5 a few months ago, that’s why the recruit website says that).

To reach support you can send an email to this adress:

Make sure to explain the situation and include your in-game name, and probably your friend’s name too.

Thank you !