Recruiter registration/selection app

This is a little app I threw together in my downtime in hopes of alleviating the “Add me as your recruiter!” spam on the Faeria subreddit, and I figured the folks here might appreciate it as well. Not the prettiest thing to look at, but it gets the job done. Recruiter selection is done at random, and new recruiter submissions are vetted by checking if they have an account on (here).

The code can be found here. Also not the prettiest since the only thing outside of the Go stdlib I used was the library for the database. Feel free to contribute or make suggestions!


What a great idea.

When I submit as a recruiter, I get the message “Duplicate User”.

Oh hey, I used you as a test user once to make sure the forum verification worked :smile:

So you’re good!

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Woah, lucky me! Thanks! :blush:

TotalBiscuit will really appreciate this :rapalagold:

Thanks, this is extremely helpful. Anything that cuts down spam is great :).

So, I was thinking if there is any way to see the players who has selected me as recruiter. Can we see it in game?

Very cool! Good Work.

Great idea !! Thanks for your work ! :yak:

N3fari0n, go here and do login:
You’ll see all your recruits and their levels :wink:

Great tool Pursuit! This should be a sticky topic. Today I got my first recruit (I guess thanks to this app :stuck_out_tongue: ) and two free chests :smiley: .

I got a chest too! When I looked up who took me up as a recruiter I laughed when I found out it was you @ChimaeraNL how is this even possible?

thanks for this. I used this to add my recruiter (congrats, reckoner)

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And if you don’t like rng (randomness) , I volunteer as a tribute! Add me :smiley: j/k