Recruiter Reward (Super T1, T2) not awarded?

I have 3 recruits and they have reached level 14, 34, 37.

According to the table, I should get Super T1, T2, but I don’t have them.

Anyone else experiencing the same problem? Do I need to do anything?

Super T1 2 of your friends reach level 5 1x Exclusive Bom-R Avatar
Super T2 3 of your friends reach level 10 1x Exclusive Bom-R Wells

Edit: I missed this part:

To be eligible, your friend need to be level 5 or lower.

They may have been recruited after level 5, but that information is not available.

Same problem here. I already sent an email to the support which has yet to be answered. I talked to Aquablad on discord he said they are working through the emails.
I hope this will resolved soon. Can’t wait to have my new stuff :smiley:

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If that would be the case what would be the point in recruiting anyone above level 5? :frowning:
That would be pretty shitty

That’s true. Actually I got the normal Chests and coin bonus (T1? to T3) if I remember correctly.

Not sure, may be not all of them, didn’t keep track…

I guess you can still get the bonus after level 5, but now for the Super ones, you need like 3 of them. If one of them was recruited after level 10, then you need to meet the next benchmark.

It’s a bit confusing with recruit possible until level 14.

Oh, is that where most players are. I was wondering why the forum is so quiet.

Sounds good. Looking forward to it. :slight_smile:

Gareth Kenna replied:
Hi Jeffbert,

Thank you for contacting us.

The Recruit a Friend process, and a list of both your recruits and rewards are listed here. You and your friends should be able to see whether you are linked as a recruit on that site. If they haven’t marked you as the recruiter via the social tab in-game, and validated their account, then you would not receive rewards as they level.

If you have any further questions then let us know.


Faeria Support Manager


This is what they sent me today. I’m not sure what to make of this. I even provided them with a screenshot. :confused:
That didnt help me much though.

Aquablad adviced me to email Gareth again, so I sent him another email.

Sounds like an automated email. :sweat_smile: Guess he didn’t look at it thoroughly.

Thanks for the update.

Yeah true. I even provided a screenshot of my recruiter page. I hope this will be resolved soon. Can’t wait to open my first mythic chest :smiley: