Recruiting For Oversky Daily CO-OP Battles!

I would love to get some friends in this game, for co-op missions. EU GMT+2
Faeria User: StarWolfer . All feel free to add me. :slight_smile:

Hey if your Dutch, so am I , please add me :slight_smile:

Very interested in knocking out some co-op battles. Feel free to add me!

Faeria - Bozzie

I added all. Feel free to add me for playing the daily co-op battle. I’m from Italy.

My Faeria account: Merlinux

PS: I’m also looking for an active recruit. I need the last recruit that reaches lev 60, to get the Bomb Orb.

Feel free to add me as a friend.

Faeria: WayFaerer

Still looking for more friends. Sadly the great people that added me, are not playing in my timezone (GMT+1/GMT+2).
Please feel free to add me :slight_smile:


Try Discord too

If anyone wants a partner for the emperor or just the oversky missions, I’m available at various times and don’t mind helping, even if I’ve already done it.

So feel free to add me: Archimonde

rip oversky