Recruiting For Oversky Daily CO-OP Battles!

From the way that it was marketed, it appears that both players will need to own an adventure pouch to play the daily Kaios challenges.

I was super excited for the adventure pouch and I’m super excited to earn the Oversky islands and Kaios cosmetics but I was shut down by needing another person to play the co-op daily battles. My cardgame-playing friends are all into Hearthstone or Magic The Gathering so I’m left with nobody to do the daily challenges with.

I’ll happily add anyone who needs someone to do these challenges with on steam and with my Faeria account. I’m on essentially every day.

Faeria: Autocad

Steam: Hearthstone is Bingo
(the steam has a profile pic of murloc scout)

Use this post to recruit other people to play the challenges with!

Happily! Add me as a friend. I will also be aiming to play most days so hopefully we’ll overlap at some point.


Feel free to add me too! I should be able to play - almost - every day.

Faeria name: Aasgier
Steam name: Aasgier

sent u a request on faeria

sent u a request on faeria but couldn’t find your steam

Be sure to add each other as well in case I’m not able to be online or have already done the challenge and do not want to play again! Also, add me on steam because I may just be in another game, I’m often on.

Great topic! Feel free to add me, too!

Figured it out.

feel free to add me for some dailies :slight_smile:

they don’t only one needs to.

request sent!

Looking for Co-op battlers!

Faeria: Kenuck

Me too, me too! Can I friend request everyone posting here!?!? I’m in South Korea, so in my evening when I have more time to play it’s sometimes difficult to find people. For me, the server reset is at 9:00 am - for Goki the miner and daily quests. My in game name is: PorpusBoy

I don’t have the pouch, please invite me so I can play. ^^;;

Hey I added everyone in this thread! Thanks for creating it OP!

Feel free to add me mttgamer :smiley:
I’m still a noobie at lvl 10 but co-op card games make me excited!!!

Well, on Faeria I’m Tetsujin - and I would be delighted to do some of this new multiplayer, though I have no idea how much of the co-op works yet. Gonna send out my requests to the folks on here as well. Hope to hear from everyone for these co-ops.

Hey guys feel free to add me for some co-op battles :slight_smile:

Faeria name: Pixiemiksi
Steam name: Pixie :slight_smile:

Feel free to add me! Willis168

Please add me too! I’m MrNovember, all my friends play just FPS games so I’m also looking for some folks to play daily. I’m on Pacific time in the evenings, thanks Faeria folks!

Add me too for Co-op missions!

Faeria User: Halfpastone