Red Burn OP! how do I handle these guys?!?!?

these red burn decks are ridiculous.

So I guess the idea is that you can’t actually enter into combat with them, because they will burn your face 2 points at a time, and then finish you off with 6 from flame burst, or from scourge.

I just can’t beat them. I mean, say I am forced into 5 combat encounters. THAT’S HALF MY LIFE. AND THEN THEY FINISH OFF WITH HELLFIRE AND FLAMEBURST.

going straight for their face, OK, but their creatures are pretty strong anyways, and red has -pretty- strong removal.


Oh ! So I guess it’s red’s turn now ?
I wonder which one will be next. My money is on blue.

“OMG too much land mobility !” xD

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Generally big creatures that won’t die in one hit, removal spells, aoes are all good for dealing with Red. Frogify, Last Nightmare, Doomsday, Garudan, Imperial Guards to get health back, Ranged creatures to poke at them etc.

So true @MrMint nearly every day you see a post “-insert color- is OP. Pls nerf.”

But I do kinda understand new players frustration. I think you need experience to handle decks like red burn and you need a good deck.

Yeah… And most of the time that player is DavidFindley. :wink:


This guy was asking how to handle them. I understand why you might read into it nerf requests, but I think he could still be given the benefit of the doubt.

Well, this guy was ranting about yellow rush just two days ago in the exact same terms. On aquablad card review he was acting like Time of legends was OP…

He just seems to me like those trolls you can see on r/faeria and discord (and obviously here).

To me he doesn’t want to learn, he wants to scare of new players by implying that the game is unbalanced and pay to win.

Onece you typed a whole sentence in caps, it’s hard to consider you humbly asking for help. OP gives off a very strong feeling that any answer will be ridiculed and dismissed, so no-one bothers to answer straight. Why would you?

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