Red Card Idea: Flamethrower

Name: Flaming Sword


Cost: 5 + 2 mountains

Attack: 2 Health: 5

This card also damages any enemy units in the tile directly behind it.

I wanted a card that took more into consideration the positioning of the board. Cards like “Ranged” do this, but we need more of them.

  1. The ability is too strong for a rare card, it should rather be epic.
  2. I’d also add some wild land requirement, like 1 or 2.
  3. This card has a good synergy with Gabrian Enchantment which makes it even stronger. Instead, I’d like it to have more attack than health, so that it has synergy with other red cards such as Hate Seed and Firebringer. The name of the card also suggest the idea of having high attack. So 4/2 or 4/3 should be fine.

I agree with you and I like abilities related to board positioning because that’s what makes Faeria a unique CCG.

lol good point. How about flaming sword?

I feel like 4 might be a little strong. 3 maybe fine. 3/3?

You might want to make the effect a Combat effect, as the keyword fits perfectly - although that opens up Combat card synergies. Alternately, you probably need to add “during combat” to the description.

I think it would be extremely rare to use this card and get to use its effect - or even influence the opponent to avoid it. Being between two enemy creatures is an uncommon scenario, especially on a card without mobility. I wonder if it would be better with Haste?

Also, if this card gets ranged, does it shoot ranged from behind too?

If you want the synergies TimShakh mentioned above, you need attack > health. I think that would also fit the aesthetic.

Until they give us a custom card subforum hint hint, there’s a thread here for custom cards.

Oh, apparently one of us misunderstood the ability. Does it attack a creature behind itself or behind the target? I’m not sure about that, but I thought it would have kind of slam, only attacking enemies on a straight line, at least that fits the card name. We need Donnylicious to clarify that.

Actually pretty sure I’m the wrong one. Flamethrowers usually only go forward. I think the flaming sword threw me off - I was thinking about the card Dancing Blade.