Red Rush

Ive been around for awhile, but this is my first post.

For me there are 2 tactics that really takes alot of fun out of the game. First of all the Red card rush, where you keep getting hit by 3 or4 damage to your orb/creature/structures and 2 for each combat incident. It is a tactic that is used alot on this game, and although I dont have a major problem with the tactic I feel that it is much stronger than other tactics. My suggestion would be to make some of these cards a bit more expensive to level it out

The other similar tactic is using only yellow cheap cards. Create desert, add two land blocks, one more desert and the other player has basically no chance after that.

This is a great game and only one of 2 I have been playing for an extended period, but for me it is alot like chess. It is a strategy game and shouldnt be spoiled by tactics which could finish the game in so little moves.

There’s a reason rush decks exist in card games: it’s to keep control decks in check. Honestly, I prefer losing decisively in the first 5-8 turns than being forced to either wait until the 15th turn or later before my opponent wins, or surrender to avoid wasting my time. I do agree that rush decks are a bit frustrating to face sometimes.

Red rush tends to have lots of solid creatures alongside the typical red removal cards that deal damage. It’s not easy to deal with sometimes. The same goes for yellow rush, but for a different reason: lots of haste creatures and synergies with hitting the orb.

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