Registering decks for tournaments

When you register decks for a tournament are you limited to only the cards you currently own or do you have access to the full set?

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Well, you have to actually build the deck before registering it, and then you have to play it … guess that leaves you with no choice, then ^^. You indeed use cards you own in tournaments. Where would be the point of gathering cards if that wasn’t the case ? That would be too easy :slight_smile:

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Ok thanks for the reply. I’m a new player and was thinking about joining the tournament this Sunday and just wanted to double check. Maybe I’ll just sign up for fun even though I’m going to get absolutely crushed lol.

Hey ! You never know, it can always work by a fluke :wink:
Plus, you get to learn a few things, so it’s all good ^^
Well, good luck and enjoy it :slight_smile: