Removing penalty for ranked against higher tier players

Hi guys, could you think to remove the 1 star penalty when we lose encountering an opponent from an higher tier? I am fresh Gold now and when a Platinum opponent shows up (1/3 of my matches) I have a very bad outcome in my progression. In two days I have lost 1 week of efforts.


I think such a system might cause a lot of problems. Not to mention that it would remove from the prestige of reaching god-rank! We are already fairly spoiled in Faeria with stars, you can reach godrank even if you lose more than you win.

With your suggestion, people might just surrender in the start of a game, since they dont lose stars anyway. That would give the opponent free stars and that would also not be good.
If you are facing higher ranked players it means you have been doing pretty well earlier and the matchmaking is trying to match you against people of your skill.

With perfect matchmaking you would win about 50% of your games, right? It can of course be very frustrating to lose, but that is what happens when you climb in ranks. Congrats to reaching gold though! Keep fighting, you can do it :slight_smile:


Very good point. The problem I am facing anyway is an high frequency of opponents from Platinum tier. So I lose any win-streak bonus and stars in my tier. You have right until the pool of players is wide, to encounter opponents with same skills and decks. Lately it seems more common to find Platinum players or alter accounts for God players, so quite problematic for Gold players.

Don’t forget you actually get an additional star if you defeat an opponent that has a much higher rank than you, too.

And building something like Crackthorn is - while quite expensive in terms of Memoria - definately doable and my Crackthorn has tore into the decks even of some Monthly Cup players. They are better players, but Crackthorn and Yellow Event are incredibly potent decks, the latter is cheap to build too, and if you use their ‘own’ decks against them a match becomes anyone’s game.

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Unluckily winning against a Platinum opponent is not so easy for a guy with one month of playing like me (and with a “cheap deck tier 1 like” :slight_smile:) . We could say 1 match won on 5, so +2 stars winning once against a strong opponent, -4 losing, ~ -2/3 win streak not achieved. So that hits me very badly guys. Also if casual players don’t see progression normally they’ll quit the game, don’t underestimate the situation.

You could open the Android beta testing to the rest of the world if crossover multi-platform is already functional. That could easily add players fast to lower Tiers (with new income for the development too).

I think it didn’t take me much more than a month of active playing to actually build my Crackthorn, so it’s definately doable, but I am a beta player - I just didn’t play actively for half a year or something. But it meant I had the basic cardpool, as well as Khalim and Tethra, and I got Garudan in one of the first parts after I started playing actively again.

Yellow Tempo is definately buildable in a month of playing. It doesn’t really use Epics unless you want to (Shaytan Monstrosity, Choking Sands and Emperor’s Command, and neither are really necessary), and the only Legendary in that deck is Khalim Skyguard, and that deck allows you to catapult straight to Godrank if you want to.

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Ok, I ll try to complete crackthorn deck, it seems very funny. Yellow tempo is ready but seems quite hard to play against green/red or combined decks. I’m not really so expert using those high rank decks :slight_smile:

Red Rush is also pretty cheap and good if played well and can take you to Ranks 3+. Right now, it won’t get you to legend though.

This is my first full season (month) playing, too, and I just reached Rank 9 with cheap Green and Red decks. I actually just played against you the other day in Casual when trying out an incomplete Red deck. I’m planning on crafting a Crackthorn deck, too. Since we’re around the same experience level (1 month), I’d be happy to test match-ups with you so we can figure out how to climb even higher next season.

Crackthorn is very solid to rank till God mate :wink:
Just sent you a friend request :slight_smile: