Removing possibility to use Feed the Forest on whales

This mechanic is absolutely insane:

  • wait opponent plays an expensive creature
  • play Skywhale (cost 6 if not discounted in several ways, like 3-wishes…)
  • play Feed the forest on your whale (cost 1 to play while recovering 8 faeria)

Also without any discount it’s +1 faeria while removing an opponent card.
If you got the whale through 3-Wishes you have lost no cards at all (played 3 cards in total, recovered 3 DISCOUNTED cards in total), while RESTORING 3 LIFE (because the opponent understands he is going to loose at round 2 and tries to rush to have a chance to win using every single mana point he has)
If you got the whale through Aurora’s Creation, you have also at least 1 more whale than your opponent (so till 6 total whales you can play).

In practice you can play without collectors and without fighting once and winning through swallowing opponent’s collectors and threats.

I haven’t considered here the possibility of Frog-Tosser in the deck for total-annihilation of the opponent…

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But the swallowed unit just returns when you feed the forest IIUC - it’s just like any other kill. If you play a willow then immediately feed on it you gain 3 faeria. If you do a whale you gain 1 faeria and teleport the creature to a friendly tile. And you get the same 3W bonus on the willow as you do on the whale.

I’m not saying there’s not problems with the whale, just that I don’t get why that mechanic is a problem.

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I watched a youtube video where one used Feed the Forest on Runnin like 3 times in the same turn. He ended up getting a lot of faeria to summon other creatures and insanely buffed Runnin. I like its concept of earning extra faeria and a card draw in exchange of my own creature, but Feed the Forest has (and will have in the future as more expansions come out) potential to have too much synergy with some other cards.

Preventing use of Feed the Forest on very specific cards only doesn’t seem a neat way to solve the problem, and, honestly, I don’t feel it’s a big deal (except for the runnin case) at least for now.

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You are right, the situation wasn’t clearly described there, my bad mate.
In that match the opponent just played willow and whales and a couple of elemental. So all my effort as blue player was removing his collectors as soon I could to slow down the whales deployment. Problem was he could swallow my units early and use feed the forest on a whale got through Aurora’s Creation, freeing a frog (or a damaged warrior i don’t remember exactly now), to recover 8 faeria used to summon a Frog-Tosser (of his or cloned with 3-wishes from mine) to kill the freed creature while adding 2 more creatures on his side (include its frog, an other double collector).

Then I was quite angry and I rushed the post just thinking about to remove the possibility to feed from whales :stuck_out_tongue:

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You are probably referring to Luuu90’s video. That was an insane turn and it just so happened that all his cards aligned at the right moment. This is extremely rare but he plays a lot so things like that are more likely to happen. Feed the forest and Ruunin are a very strong combo though. Mean while I play a yellow events deck and get just draw flash winds for my first couple turns straight.