Request; desperate need for replay feature

I remember back when I played StarCraft, I would often watch replays of my games and analyse everything.

I desperately need that with this game, too.

being able to save and watch replays of games for analysis would be HUMOUNGOUS, adding a good deal to strategic depth. I often can’t remember how games evolved, and it is difficult to remember where and how exactly I went wrong.

also they would make great youtube uploads.

PS looking forward to the tournament, hope you upload the games onto your youtube channel.


This appears to be a popular request. Maybe Abrakam will implement in. In the mean time have you looked at any sort of screen capturing software like Open Broadcaster Studio (OBS) ? This would allow you to record your gameplay and rewatch them. Just don’t forget to check your Hard drive space!

Its 2017 just get something to record it yourself there’s free software everywhere. Try OBS or raptr?

What helped me a lot was watching @luuu90 videos!
Also may be watch someone top players on twitch.
Or on the official Faeria Youtube Account are tons of videos too.
I would resort to those before I watch the replays of my own games. :slight_smile:

ye maybe I’ll look into that.