Rerolling legendaries

Can you guys add a mechanic that when you reroll a legendary you cant get one that you already have? I mean you cant use more than 1 already seems like its a kick in the nuts, as It was when I just rerolled a got my 2nd Iona the useless.

Oh, naive kid…

Just kidding hahaha, well… that’s the deal of CCG bro, if you couldn’t get extras of cards you already have, everyone would just get the full colection prety fast, so the amount of packs required to reaching this would be extremely lower… they’re already very generous not giving extras at the level up reward… so i think that’s the most reliable way to grab that legendary you’re missing

But due to the nature of card games and pack opening, they’ll never do such thing as guarantee you a fresh new legendary every time you get one :sob::sob::sob::sob:

once upon a time, we could get all the cards in one package of $50… i guess there’s a reason why no other card game has ever done this model (and why this one switched away from it)