Rerolling quests

I would like to see an ability to reroll all the main(daily?) quests. As a new player I have a quest to play Pandora and another to use a different avatar. I don’t have any other avatars and more importantly I tried Pandora, didn’t enjoy it as I don’t enjoy pvp and I’m not planning to go back to it. I saw an ability to reroll the third quest but not the other two so I guess they will be stuck on my quest board for a very long time.

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You will get a new avatar once you finish the solo content. :slight_smile:

And by the way if you’re still under level 10 you should choose a recruiter.
You will both get rewards as you level up. You could use my name or for a random recruiter use :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip, but I think I’m past level 10 already.

Then you should already have gotten the little blue orb avatar if you’re past level 10.

You can’t reroll those two quests because they’re special one-time quests, which are part of the tutorial, not random daily quests, which can be rerolled.