Returning player/ refund requested on steam

This crafting systems current design is a huge turn off. It is actually so bad as to the point where i got the the expansion bundle on steam (heavily discounted) and now i am planing to seek a refund.

Before when it was free to play you could disenchant cards you were not using. This created currency used to create cards more important to the deck you wanted. Now that this is no more i feel I’am bogged down with decks that remain 10-12 cards shy of where i need them to be. Also using these new charges on crafting commons feels terrible. Id rather use the charges on the epics i need first, but its not like one card carries you to victory. With out the rare and commons to help fill out the deck its still not efficient. Meanwhile i have several copies of mythic and rare/epic cards i don’t care about/ use that before i could at least recycle to make the deck i want. Now i’m stuck with these cards that feel like dead weight dragging me down. Its a huge turn off for me.

This is all exacerbated by the fact that you have to pay to access the new content anyways. Like, ok i just paid you this money and i’m still no where closer to playing the decks i actually want to play. The old model was much better. Where you could out right buy the islands of oversky and then playing the maps on said island unlocked the copies of new the cards.

Then there is the 110, 30 day average of a player base. Which is not a good sign. Even if new players come in with this free weekend event they will also be stuck behind this forced time wall to access new cards. Even more so since if you are new you may not know how to focus a deck. You may waste your charges on cards that are not the best fit further putting you behind.

This is obviously my own opinion based on my experience with the game. Though i really think that this current craft system along with the pay to play expansions is just a terrible business model and if this is how its going to continue… yea I’m not really interested. The game play is really fun and the art work is great. This forced time wall though and not being able to at least recycle cards I’m not using/ don’t want is such a turn off though for an online card game.

You are aware of the “No duplicate” feature, aren’t you? With the new system, battle chests Never contain excess copies of cards you already own, meaning that completing a collection “from scratch” takes about 50 hours.

Take a look at your Collection tab, find cards that you have 2 out of 3 of, and craft those first, regardless of rarity. This way, you will narrow down the choice of cards offered to you in battle chests. Also, crafting charges refresh at a rate of one every 6 hours, enabling you to craft 4 cards every 24 hours. There’s no need to wait for the crafting meter to fill up either.

I think this new system is Way better than opening chest after chest for Days to gather enough memoria to complete a set of mythics. Certainly quicker :slight_smile:

I do like the no duplicate draw yes that is a great feature.

What i don’t like is when i have 3 copies of an epic card that I’m not using. While i may need 3 commons and 3 blue cards to fill out a deck i do want to use. Before i could disenchant those epics not in use and make those 6 i need. Now I’m stuck with it just sitting in my collection. Yes it does narrow down the draw pool, though it is still a draw pool. I’m not guaranteed to get what i want. I could at least fine tune and build a deck relatively faster before hand.

As I said before, you get 4 crafting charges every 24 hours. That’s more than an entire set, even if you have no copies of that card! So you wouldn’t be stuck for very long.

And with the “no duplicate” system, you become more likely to find Legendaries as your collection grows. With the old crafting system, they took ages to find and were exorbitantly expensive to craft, not to mention the duplicates…