Rewards System Suggestions

To put it simply, the new rewards system following Faeria’s release (version 1.0) eliminated a problem but created another. New players are finally able to construct their own decks as a result of ranging gold values awarded at the end of every match. On top of this, the gold fountain, now called Goki, has been reworked, and gold is awarded every ten levels - leveling up has been made much easier since the last patch. So… What’s the problem you may ask? Although spoiled with gold, experienced players don’t feel as awarded after receiving a randomized sum of gold when winning a match. Even more, new players may also realize the randomization factor of receiving gold and could easily lose interest as there’s truly no reward. Personally, I’d rather earn gold for outsmarting my opponent, not by clicking the queue button. So, as for this, below are some solutions in order to please both the experienced and new players of Faeria.

Level Referencing

  • Players who are level 1-15 would be considered new and in a “training phase.”
  • Hitting level 1 would give 1,500 gold, level 2 = 1,400 gold, level 3 = 1,300 gold, and etc. until level 15, in which the player would receive 100 gold. The sum of gold would total to 12,000 when level 15 is reached, which means the player could buy 12 chests, or 60 cards in essence. As for this, the player would then be able to construct at least one somewhat viable deck, or he/she could disenchant the cards from each chest for memoria in order to create a desired deck. New players :white_check_mark:
  • Chests for every 10 levels received after the “training phase” would contain a random amount of gold as they do now. Card selections would remain as well.
  • Reverting back to the old rewards system, all players would receive 100 gold for each win, and unlike the previous reward system, 50 gold for a loss - these rewards would still be from the mini chests earned after each game. Winning streaks would add 25 gold to the previous amount of gold won. For example, a three game winning streak means the player would receive 150 gold. Such a system would stop at 250 gold (seven game winning streak). The player would then be reset to 100 gold after a seven game winning streak. Also, losing a game during a winning streak would reset the amount of gold earned. This new system provides a goal for players, provoking them to play and achieve a seven game winning streak, a motivational factor similar to nine wins in pandora mode. Experienced players + new players :white_check_mark:
  • It’s also possible to award the loser and winner of every match 100 gold since experienced players would be more concerned with their winning streak than the amount of gold their opponent is receiving.


  • Reverting back to the old system, players would receive 100 gold for each win, and a loss would award the player no gold. However, after every game, winner or loser, both players receive between 1 and 5 memoria. Moreover, the amount of memoria received after every game would be randomized and in the 1-5 range, which is almost identical to how gold is awarded in the current 1.0 version of Faeria. As for this, new players receive memoria to craft new cards, even if they lose, and the experienced players would feel awarded by receiving gold and memoria for wins. New players who often lose would always earn memoria, which is solely for crafting cards, and would be used to construct new decks. Unlike memoria, gold can buy cosmetics, pandora coins, and chests. Memoria being a currency strictly limited to crafting cards means new players must spend it to expand their collection. In contrast, gold is much more valuable and would be owned in greater abundance by those who win matches and deserve it. Overall, new players may finally be benefitted without affecting experienced players. Experienced players + new players :white_check_mark:
  • Award the losers of each game 25 or 50 gold if no gold and memoria only doesn’t seem like enough for new players who are saying “halp” and “I can’t get more gold because I can’t win games.” - Atmaz
  • The winning streak system could also be applied to this.
  • Chests for every 10 levels would contain a random amount of gold as they do now. Card selections would remain as well.

Color Dedication

  • After completing the tutorial, new players would be prompted with a screen that asks to dedicate themselves to a faction or if they wouldn’t like to be dedicated. There would also be an option in the profile menu that allows a player to dedicate themselves to a color.
  • The player would receive a card pertaining to their dedicated color after every 5 levels. A random colored card would be received by players who choose not to dedicate themselves to a color. As for the following, the choice between 3 cards every 10 levels would be removed. However, like the “card for every 10 levels system,” the cards received every 5 levels would be ones that the player does not own.
  • These features allow for new players to develop a deck focused on one faction. Also, receiving a card every 5 levels seems a lot better for new players than receiving them every 10 levels. New players :white_check_mark:
  • Gold received would increase until every fifth level. For example: level 6 = 60, level 7 = 70, level 8 = 80, level 9 = 90, level 10 = 100 gold, and then level 11 would set it back to 60 gold. This also benefits new players as they notice an increase in gold. The player would receive gold in this manner for every loss. For a win, the player would simply always win 100 gold like the old system. Experienced players would feel better for winning a set amount of gold while new players would be content with a new card every 5 levels and an accumulative amount of gold. New player + experienced players :white_check_mark:
  • This could also be done in a way so that the “card every 10 levels system” still exists. Players would receive 10 gold during level 1, level 2 = 20, level 3 = 30 and so on until level 10 = 100 gold. This would be reset at level 11 so that level 11 = 10 gold. Moreover, a loss during each of the following levels would award the player the associated amount of gold. Again, winners of a match would receive 100 gold instead of the “accumulative gold for every level system” described in the sentence prior.

Chests (Hezeus)

  • Reverting back to the old system, players would receive 100 gold and a random card per level.
  • Award players a chest every 1-2 levels over a period of 20-40 levels, which would total to 10-20 chests.
  • 10-50 gold would be awarded for a loss.
  • “At the end of the day nobody should be expecting the easiest time playing a f2p card game that was just released.”

More Daily Quests (MaxisZ)

  • Revert back to the old system and award 100 gold for a win and 0 gold for a loss or award 50 gold for a win and 10 gold for a loss.
  • Add two daily quests that would be more diverse than the current ones. Moreover, a player would receive three daily quests each day instead of one with a maximum of holding three quests.

Minimum Gold (Wavelength)

  • Increase the bare minimum of 10 gold earned to 30 gold, “even if it needs to come at the cost of less frequent “big amounts.””
  • Stack mini-chests received at the end of every game for more of a visual appeal and easier tracking.
  • Occasionally be awarded 10+ memoria.

Your ideas!

  • Reply with any reward system ideas of your own and I’ll add it here to the forum.

Actual words from frustrated players

  • CartmanJew: ok question since i started playing how the *** am i supposed to earn gold when i only get 10 from winning?
  • MaxisZ: I think random rewards is a bad idea. This makes no sense. And players need to know and plan their time for rewards.

Thanks for reading :rapalagold:

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yes, i like reverting back to 100 gold for win. win streaks are even better.

I think random rewards is a bad idea. This makes no sense. And players need to know and plan their time for rewards.
Winning streak rewards is a bad idea too. It force to play with OP decks only. But the main pleasure in CCG is experiments and fun. Winrate accounting is the worst thing that can be in CCG.
Actually with a new system of rewards there is no reason to play more than one win\quest per day.

IMHO there are two simple solutions for resuscitation of the Faeria economy:

  1. return 100 gold reward for a win (or may be 10 for loss and 50 for win)
  2. add two daily quests and make them a very diverse (3 quests in a day)

I do not want to create repeat topics on this painful issue. Who liked the idea please “like” this post or write your own option.

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I would love to see the 100 gold and keep the random card per level as well. I think maybe rewarding new players with 10-20 card packs through the first 20-40 levels would be a great idea. So every 1-2 levels the player would receive a pack with their gold. This way they would still make some gold if they win as well as getting a nice bump to their card collection and better chance of winning regardless of the games outcome. Not much would need to be changed and I think this would fix anything wrong with the new player experience. At the end of the day nobody should be expecting the easiest time playing a f2p card game that was just released. I also think gold to the winner and loser would be fine and all, but make it 100g for win and 50 for loss or even just 10.

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For your comment about playing OP decks only, people already do so, and if they aren’t then they’d be in a casual match in order to experiment with their deck. Maybe only have winning streaks for ranked? Sorry, but I don’t see how experimentation and the fun factor would be construed as long as casual matches exist in Faeria. Even with ranked, people want to win and will play a viable enough deck in order to do so.

I constantly play fun decks in casual.
Also i saw a lot of games built around winrate. Many of them are dead now… Honest elo matchmaking - all CCG need. With an honest elo winrate will tend to 50%…

In the last news Abraham gave some explanation of the new reward system (
“The end result of all these changes is a progression system that is roughly the same speed as before, but redistributed to cater more toward the first hours of play (along with Daily Quests and First Win of the Day bonus, that still exist), as well as not requiring you to win in order to progress as fast as others”.
I noticed that the Daily Quest and First Win took me 10-15 minutes (two duels including one victory).
Can I cautiously ask wherefore Abraham limit effective farm gaming by 15 minutes a day?
I absolutely do not understand what is good for Abraham with this scheme.

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None of it makes sense, man. Too much reward RNG and a lot less “reward,” meaning there’s no point in winning anymore. I could queue and surrender every game I enter and farm faster than a player who tries and wins. Although I would not do this since I enjoy playing the game, such could easily be done by new players who don’t care for ELO and rank. I don’t care much for gold but it sucks playing a long lasting game and only receiving 10 gold even if I receive 130 gold the next game. I think Abrakam is missing an extremely important aspect of rewards at the moment and hopefully they see the potentiomal soon.

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I have to say that having most of my “mini-chests” gained from winning games burst into 10 Gold (literally one percent of a battle chest) feels really bad. I liked the old system better.

The new system is not so bad, but the numbers are off - 30 Gold would be less insulting as a bare minimum for winning a game, even if it needs to come at the cost of less frequent “big amounts”. Earning 10+ Memoria as an occasional mini-chest reward, in lieu of Gold, would be a nifty add as well.

Also, it gets sloppy with multiple chests unlocking at the same time after a match (for example, if you won a game and leveled up at the same time). Very difficult to visually track what I’m earning.

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