Right click to undo the playing of a card so long as you haven't chosen a target

I’m sure this has been suggested before, and the Faeria team is well aware that this is a feature in Hearthstone. I just wanted to post some support in favor of dedicating development time to implementing it in Faeria.

For those that may not know, In Hearthstone, if you play a card and it requires you to target some kind of effect, you can right click instead of choosing a target, and it will put the card back in to your hand as if you had never played it.

So for example, in Faeria, I might go to play my Sagami Warrior, which has Dash 2. But maybe I forgot and thought it was Dash 3. So I play him and then I see that he can’t actually go 3 spaces. Darn. Well that ruins my plans…


Card goes back in to my hand, allowing me to come up with a new plan. I would absolutely love this feature. It is especially helpful for newer players that are still learning the core mechanics. Thanks for taking the time to read!


I can see why you would value that especially! :smirk:

I agree with the suggestion though.

Yeah this has been suggested before and I would also love to see it implemented!
Im sure its on their radar :slight_smile:

Big +1.
Furthermore i run into some bugs, after i didn’t target something (and the creature i have played forced me to do that) and the turn timer runs out. In my next turn i coudn’t target some of my creature with anything at all. Really weard thing.