Right, so yellow is just busted

I suppose there isn’t much reason to play while yellow is beyond op. Nice game design.

If you’re struggling against Yellow, check out this Guide about defending against Rush archetypes:

Taiyodori also put together a huge Guide against Yellow rush here: [Guide] How to deal with yellow rush - a detailed guide (with pictures!)

Yellow can be quite difficult to deal with depending on what deck you’re playing, since the Haste can bypass right to your Orb if you don’t have any Taunt creatures. Just like a lot of decks it has its strengths and weaknesses, with decks it counters and decks that counter it. But Yellow can actually be quite manageable using a few key strategies.

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As the #22 God rank on the ladder I can assure you, yellow (rush or otherwise) is not busted at all. I made it to god rank this season and last season without playing any yellow deck (mainly purple sevens, monogreen and lord of terror burn). In fact, red is probably the best color on the ladder right now, which means that yellow is a little bit unfavored. You can still win with it, if you’re good (like Minocaro, for example) or your opponents are somewhat bad. But in general you’ll be facing lots of Seifer’s Wrath, wich will make your life difficult.

My recomendation is: play a lot of yellow rush until you start losing, then analize why you’re losing and try to apply those same principles to beat opposing rushes.


Clearly you are a master game designer who can understand and play the game better than the top players on the ladder, and we should all nerf whatever cards you don’t like because they must be OP. Everything you state is fact and anyone who disagrees with you is obviously wrong. There is no need to support your wonderful opinions with evidence, because empirically you have already proven you know more than everyone else put together.

Yellow is probably the most undertuned of any color right now! Place a couple of Taunts and/or cheap damage spells in your deck and laugh in its face. Kind of like I’m laughing at the matter-of-fact tone you used in the same sentence as your claim that “yellow is beyond op”.

Or if you’re still so convinced Yellow is OP, make a Yellow deck, take it onto the ladder, and make it to the Top 50 players with a positive winrate. If you can manage that, you’ll at least have a leg to stand on when you make such an argument.

If you like winning and Yellow is best at winning, then there’s pretty good reason to play Yellow.

If you like a bit of a handicap, you can play something you consider less good.

Personally, I mostly lose to Blue atm and it feels like it’s in a league of its own, but that’s probably just because I haven’t been playing many different decks.