Round Timer is TOO long


This is my first day playing this game.

I’m enjoying so far, even though I think there are a lot of unbalanced cards.

But one thing is annoying: The timer is too long! It should be half of what it is currently.

One guy just “killed me out of boredom”. He was literally stalling waiting close to the end of the match timer to click end turn. I gave up and surrendered.

Some may argue that this is a strategy to annoy the opponent, but damn, it was abusive. There was nothing happening, just him sliding his mouse over the cards back and forth.

Please, consider adjusting the timer. The art is cool, but I don’t want to spend all that time just looking at it because someone decided to troll :frowning:

Thank you :slight_smile:

When I started playing the game, I thought about that timer, too and asked myself if it really needs to be that long.

Well, get some games under your belt, play with better decks against better opponents and you’ll notice the timer being rather short. The better you get, the more you have to think about and plan ahead and the timer becomes a “don’t play THAT in the last few seconds…!” grinder.

I agree. As games start to get into the later phase, I have noticed that more and more thought is put into each of the plays that you and your opponent make.

Personally, I do not think it is too long, only because of the amount of thought it sometimes takes to create the best plays. I know that I have actually ran out of time at certain points.

I concur. When you have to decide how to use the wheel, what to play, and where to play, and if you should play anything or store faeria, all this considering what your opponent might have and might play the next turn, and after that reflexion, you decide to draw and the whole process restarts … Then you may find the timer a bit short actually :wink:
Well, not all turns are like that, of course. Adding a timebank for the most complex turns is a thing I’d like to see, but reducing timer flat ? Certainly not !


I’ve been playing for two days. I had a few games where my opponents and I needed the full time allowed to make our moves. Once or twice my opponent didn’t quite finish in time. I think the turn time is perfect.

And how long is that timer ?
30 sec ?

If you can’t wait, maybe you should not play turn based games, but real time games.

I agree with that the most maches are just during too long shorting the timer will change this I hope

I would like too see a shorter timer, with the addition of a 3 time use only 30 second extension per match…

Some turns are easy and some are hard to make decision. When it comes to a tough decision you will need all the time to think it through.

I think however a round clock should be made that keeps tracks of the amount of time a player uses on each turn. Once a player has exceeded xxmin on the round clock, all of their turns will become 30 second timer.

I wouldn’t like a shorter timer. There are games where you have to think a lot pretty much every turn. If I could only make 3-6 (or w/e) thought through turns, these games quickly become an autoloss. 90 seconds seem pretty fair and sometimes very very short to me.

The option to think turns through is a critical key component of each strategy game. If everyone has to play things very fast, that takes away thinking - and with that deep strategy. Faeria is (and wants to be) a strategy game, not a casual no brainer where you just play every card mindlessly as soon as you can.

Shortening the timer just because some stupid persons are bad mannered and wait for the timer to run out each and every turn, would, in return, take away deep strategy once things get complicated. Yes, there are no-brainer turns. But at least in my experience, most players I’ve seen don’t wait for the last 1-2 seconds before they play these “no brainer turns”. So it’d be a rather small gain (preventing some bad mannered play) and possibly quite a big loss of strategy in some complicated games.

First of all, consider the (very) new players: A lot of them start with the solo content and are a bit hesitated to start pvp. One reason might even be the time limit - they still haven’t internalized the core gameplay, but yet have to face a 90 second turn limit already. Of course they sometimes need to use the full timer before making a what seems an easy turn to a more experienced player. Especially if you’re new to the genre, some concepts of Faeria or CCG are not quite so easy to comprehend. Sometimes a new player might even need the first 30 seconds of a turn to understand what just happened, after a big play, like Firestorm, Triton Banquet or other combat tricks.
There’s a lot to think about land placement. I see a lot of players making horrible land placements, just because they’re too lazy to have a bit of a think.

Once you reach a competitive level, you’ll need that 90 seconds even more often. You can see a lot of that in tournaments. Predicting, what your opponent has in his deck and might be about to draw/play can often be the difference between a win and a loss.
For example, if you play as a control or burn deck vs Three Wishes, once your opponent plays wishes, you have a lot to consider. He now knows the next 3 cards you’ll draw, but if he already played some of them, you’ll know them as well. You’ll want to consider, whether you want to draw one of these cards asap and whether you want your opponent to draw more of them (with the next wish), instead of something else that lurks within your deck. Stuff like that is really time consuming and makes a lot of the thrill Faeria can create if things get complicated. Same if the board gets crowded. Worse, it might kill decks that need a lot of think, because of their versatility.

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