Ruby Yak Combo

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Cycle through the Deck until You hav enough Faeria for Dream or Fugoro into Medallion, Rain of Fish, Ruby Yak and Famine.

Land type(s): Neutral, Mountain, Lake
Faeria cost: 5.3
Difficulty: Beginners

2x FAMINE (2f)
3x LORE THIEF (3f 2L)
3x STORMSPAWN (10f 2L)
1x AURORA’S DREAM (24f 5L)
3x WINDFALL (10f 2L)
3x DREAM KEEPER (4f 1L 1M)
2x RAIN OF FISH (6f 4L 2W)
3x RUBY YAK (5f 1M)

I guess dream is needed for your version?

I have been wanting to make a ruby yak deck, but not quite sure how to go about it.

wouldn’t you need more yaks?

ah right this is like the EsOf MILL deck only it does a ruby yak OTL instead? seems cool man.

hey man. I have all the cards for this now. so you actually have to save up 24 faeria to play dream?

could you please explain the deck a little more to me. I really wanna try it out, but not 100% where I’m going with it it yet.

ah damn I’m missing time of legends. playable without?

also why dream keeper, will that not mess with your combo by putting all the cards back into your deck? would love to hear more on this deck mate.

Hi there! You need at least 5 Ruby Yaks in play then cast famine for the combo because thats 25 dmg. To get to 5 Yaks, you need to have 1 in play with 4 other creatures and cast the ulanis medallion gained from fugoro.
To pull this off, you technically dont have to cast the dream first, but its the most reliable way to combo.
Maybe a dream keeper can be cut, but its nice to ship back combo pieces (i.e. Yak, Famine and Rain) in the early game to look for engine cards, while you can do it the other way around in the late game.
You can try without Time of Legends, but i think it takes a lot of consistency from the deck, because you really want both legends in every game.
Speaking of consistency the Deck could use alot more of that and even if it can go off at turn 6-7, most aggressive decks are just to fast.
Best matchup is Sacrifice, because they are pretty slow and we dont rly need to interact with their board.

yeah that makes sense man. if you want the combo pieces out your hand early game and a chance at other pieces.

yeah that makes sense.

I have all the cards now as well so I can add ToL.

I actually played a Dream deck last night and got dream off. it wasn’t an OTK deck per say and more of a Dream/Control deck.

I think it contains OTK’s though. another one of boBBins decks. that dude makes some good blue ■■■■.