Rush harms Faeria 2

Many guys left their message in my previous post (Rush harms Faeria) and I could see there are some public opinion which claims we do not need a rush nerf in Discord channel.
I just want to tell more detail stories about why we should nerf rush decks.
(By the way, I think we should nerf or change rampdeck too but already many people are asking this topic to Abrakam so I won’t focus too much on it.)

Q1. Mid-range decks (Crackthorn, mono green, combat red etc…) could beat rush decks pretty well. aren’t they?
A1. Yes, they have the advantage against rush decks slightly, but not dominantly. Playing rush is a dominant choice compare to any other decks if you want to grind ELO in ladder.

If you decide to play mid-range deck in ladder,

win-rate would be
vs rush : 60%
vs ramp : 20~30% (if you select a mono green deck, it’s close to zero.)
vs mid-range : 50% (but the chance is reduced if you face a better player than you)
vs any other deck : hard to exceed 70%.

but if you choose rush deck,
vs rush : 50% (rush mirror is more draw dependent so you will get the chance close to fiffty-fiffty even your opponent is a very good player.)
vs ramp : 60%
vs mid-range : 40%
vs any other deck : 70%

Your only weakness is mid-range deck or anti-rush archetype but many other ramp or multi-colored decks suppress them.
Even though you meet your counter deck, you still have a chance to break the game at the early game.
(turn 1 or 2 imperial drain, follower or salmon + Khalim’s prayer + wrangler)

I’ve tried to counter R rush with custom green deck when the most of players started to play R rush.
(always Y rush is the most popular deck through the whole my Faeria history.)
And it was very successful. (like 11W-1L, you could check my twitch channel)
but playing anti-rush deck does not help me boost my ranking at all because I got auto-lose against #200 ramp or #150 sac with anti-rush deck.

From these points, I concluded playing rush is a dominant choice compare to any other decks and actually I hit the #1 and maintain my rank #2, 3 in 2017 Nov only using y rush.

Q2. Look at the result of Manta Cup #2! winner beats beats y rush 7 times with Y event! Mid-range rules the meta!
A2. You should consider not only the result but also the process.

If you watch what is happened in the match RaiZo vs happyjo, you will realize soon RaiZo got a very excellent draw to treat y rush. (turn 2 creature, turn 3 manta rider, training and flash wind to race at the early game and soul drain.)
RaiZo is one of the very excellent players and I don’t have any doubt about it.
But even he is outstanding, he would not be able to crash y rush without those decent draws in my opinion.
so I want to say that Y event can beat Y rush from the collaboration of skilled player and some lucky in Manta Cup #2.
actually 2nd and 4th winners played rush decks which reflect their power in BO 5.
1st winner of Manta cup #1 also adopt rush decks in his line-up. you should recognize it.

Even if I’m wrong here and rush decks might be good only in ladder, that is a still serious problem because ladder ranking is a major source of the Faeria Circuit point now.

Q3. Okay. suppose you’re right and rush is too good in ladder. but why is it a serious problem? there’s always top tier deck in any game and I think better rush player will deserve his fruit.
A3. NO. Better rush player is just a non-sense because any guys can spam rush deck if he has played Faeria like 1-2 month. Everyone plays rush means a forced equalization of the game skill and that point makes people feel frustrated so much.

Basically rush needs a small amount of skills to play and even you don’t know all of them, you can win easily because rush bets on your + your opponent’s draw heavily compare to other decks.
You could recall many only-y-rush guys in ladder some of them are succeed to get qualified for MC.
But can you list any other one-deck-only guys? you can’t. because there’s no other short-cuts or cheats like y rush in ladder.
You can reach top 5 or even top 1 with less effort if you play y rush again and again.
That was what I did and it was fun at the first time but I felt huge letdown soon because I know my game skill is still behind from the big guys but I could hit a higher rank than them. The worst part was, anybody could do this easily.
No fun at all, no worth at all.
I do not want to blame any other y rush players but I’m complaining to Abrakam who leaves us alone in this stressful meta.

Q4. So what should we do?
A4. Re-balance the power between early, mid and late decks. Easy way to achieve this goal is nerf rush and ramp.

Let rush just check only greedy decks. not the whole decks in Faeria.
Do not allow ramp decks to swallow every mid-range and control decks.
I’m not good at suggesting actual changes but I could say that we should keep in this direction.

last, PLEASE DONT SAY “more play time makes ppl quit.”.
The truth is, “more rush (and ramp) makes ppl quit.”


RaiZo had not just beat Y Rush in the match against Happyjo. His record against Y Rush was 7 in 8 with a mid-range deck, which is considered weak against Y Rush. I think I would beat Y Rush 93% of the time with my mid-range R. So I personally do not feel that your number “60%” (mid vs rush) is correct.

“actually 2nd and 4th winners played rush decks which reflect their power in BO 5” If you want to talk about frequency - mid-range decks were played WAY more frequent then rush decks in FMC2. If you want to talk about performance I believe that Y Rush under-performed heavily in FMC2.

I am not a fan of rush decks, because they do not bring the best Faeria experience. But I had not experienced rush decks being OP. I finished #10 (#11) last season with a very slow, very weak to Y Rush deck. It is only my personal experience though. Abrakam should have all the stats needed to determine what is OP and what is not.

I welcome NERF_YRUSH to test himself in Manta Cup 3 (this Saturday) ;).

I could only see another match vs Donpork(W) and vs Sunekichi(L).
draw until turn 4-5 was like : turn 2 creature, manta rider, soul drain, movement trick (pretty good hand) in Donpork’s match
and was not in Sunekichi’s match.
so I felt still the result in FMC #2 is a little bit luck dependent.
I would beat R combat even they didn’t get nerfed at least 40% of the time with my y rush. so I could say similar thing to you. but that’s not I want to talk.
suppose you’re right. there is no problem with rush for very experienced player.
(I think they also suffer from rush sometime but let’s assume.)
but there are many other less experienced players in Faeria.
playing rush is much easier and it’s hard to defend effectively even he plays mid-ranged deck.
small mistake against rush deck is super heavily punished and game never comes back.
I saw many new players quit the game because of rush.
this cancer deprives new players the chance to enjoy the strategy of Faeria.

personally I did not run any rush or ramp decks because it’s not fun at all for me and opponent. even I think those decks are super strong. there’s no point to try super hard for me when I can’t get any real money or circuit points.
It’s just my story but I dare to guess some of other participants doing same thing. It may be the reason of low frequnecy of Y , R rush and ramp.

I’m not sure but, as I remember, you parked your account at the top of rank at the middle of the season. doesn’t it?
Rush invasion was occured in earnest at the end of the season and that might be why we have different experience about rush decks.

  1. I do not disagree
  2. How do you explain bad performance of Y Rush? (Play your best decks so we will know what to nerf :wink: )
  3. Correct, but I had dropped to #30s after Aquas R Rush Deck Doctor :wink: . Then I climbed back up after making small adjustments.

Hey ChaeHolic. Great read everything I agree with and I strongly encourage rush to be nerfed (but only slightly, as Atmaz pointed it’s healthy for the meta). Unfortunately the nerfs of y tempo and red combat, and the fact that blue is tier 3, made y rush unreasonably advantageous in climbing the ladder.

However just one little I have to disagree with, you claim the rush mirror is 50-50 and only relies on draws. IMO the rush mirror is the most skill intensive match up in Faeria, especially right now. The better player almost always wins. I’m planning to write a guide about this soon.


IMO rush wouldn’t be so problematic if ramp/swallow wasn’t so grossly overpowered. the ramp/swallow power level has snuffed out all of the other deck types because it both forces you into a race for Orb AND 100% answers all mid range threats. I really think what is needed is a swallow rework and a slight nerf to ramp and all will be right.

I really only play yg sac right now because it does very well vs rush/mid, but gets ■■■■ on by ramp/swallow…as do the other decks that yg sac does well against because ramp/swallow BEATS EVERYTHING

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Yes, you are right. I just recall that I never win against big guys in the rush mirror after I saw your reply. As one of the rookie rush player, I’d love to read your guide.