Rush harms Faeria

  • Sorry for my poor English but I hope you guys could understand what I want to say.

Rush deck is the easiest deck and one of the strongest decks in ladder at the same time.
Most of turns could be done with a small consideration and using all of your faeria.
I think this is a serious problem because it makes player who wants to be better feel frustrated.
Suppose you tried hard with non-rush decks and hit #50 barely.
Suddenly you changed your mind and started playing y rush or r rush.
You know your play is not perfect but you would beat better players because you are running rush.
Rush mirror match is like a coin-flip so in principle, you could beat better players even they played rush with a fifty-fifty chance.
I can bet my name that you could reach #10 or even higher soon.
But all of these things are not fun at all and not valuable too because the guy who just played Faeria 1 month ago could do same thing easily if he spams rush.
Only very excellent players (like MC winners) could get higher win-rate with non-rush decks compare to when they choose rush decks.

Ramp decks would be a huge balance breaker when we nerf rush decks? then why not nerf ramp decks too.
Without rush decks, match takes longer time and that makes people quit Faeria?
Who cares taking 5 or 10 mins more? Faeria already takes much time.
I can bet my life this time that rush archetype kicked more players out than taking a long time every match.

I don’t say “kill all of these f**king rush decks” but I just want to nerf them slightly.


Honestly, while rush is strong- if you get steam rolled by it game after game you need to do something different.
Either play a different deck or use a different land strategy when you open. One of the best things about Faeria is that defensive decks are not just viable but REALLY strong. Rush is good if you don’t defend well or if the rusher pulls what they need when they need it, but the latter applies to almost any deck.

I agree with ChaeHolic. While aggressive decks need to exist to keep greedy decks in check, right now ALMOST ALL decks struggle to compete versus rush. You normally win by a “coin-flip” or building a very specific deck against it, and even with such a deck they still have a DECENT chance of winning. I want aggressive decks to be viable, but not to the point where they overshadow almost all other decks in power and viability.


Good point, but u’re wrong about some stuff, 1st thing, i have seen players who never play anything but yellow rush in their entire faeria history, literally never, 2nd u said defensive decks are really strong, they are good in some situations, but consider that defensive decks cant defend forever, u will take dmg into your orb non-stop and then when it comes to u for some aggression, u’ll be lower than 10 hp, so u will have to keep on defending the entire game, and u’ll eventually end up losing, with that said, the only way you will win vs yrush is when u race them super early, or when u have an unbreakable defense, which is unlikely to happen cause some people run different removals like flowers or doom’sday or even nightmare. so u’re never safe.


I agree with ChaeHolic, this is definitely a big concern, Rush has been prominent on the ladder for months now, as i see it, the problem starts with players (especially new players) losing to Rush and getting the feeling that the match was already set from the start and there was nothing they could have to change the outcome, so they get frustrated and leave before they get a chance to take a look at complexity and strategy Faeria has to offer.
The objective of rush is to “check” the meta game by controlling the greedy decks but when the rush is too powerful, it “checks” not only the slow and greedy decks but the whole meta game.
At the current state, rush is simply too quick and powerful for players to respond (Especially Yellow rush but sometimes Red).
Like ChaeHolic stated above, there’s no need to be a good player to play Rush and get results, from players dominating the ladder with y rush or easily qualifying to the MC while only playing for less than a month etc.
That being said, this problem can be fix easily by nerfing some specific cards to tune down the Rush archetype (such as Khalim’s Prayers, Demon Wrangler etc.)

Iv’e been talking to one of Faeria’s game designers, HeliosAflame, about this problem (since he’s been asking for my input about the current meta) but It seems that Abrakam has a different direction in mind and is set on keeping rush as is. hopefully that will change.


Well, im going to put in a simple phrase " When a game like Faeria gets to the point of having a ( rush meta ) for over 2 months now, without questions there’s something wrong with the game design " and the game cast should start paying some attention to it. cause literally anything else but rush is considered tier 2 meta right now, hell tier 3 doesnt exist anymore.


Can’t you run some older decks (like GR Crackthorn) which have a good matchup vs Rush?

Problem is that those decks massively suffer vs Skywhale and Swallow in general but it’s a question of picking your poison at times.

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I also want to throw my 2 cents in here,

Most people are only focused on nerfing rush, which is valid because rush is really strong especially Y rush but I want to emphasize that last point ChaeHolic made: “Ramp decks would be a huge balance breaker when we nerf rush decks? then why not nerf ramp decks too.”

I believe that a Y rush nerf will have to go hand in hand with a ramp nerf. One of the main reasons people started playing rush decks is because there were a lot of very greedy ramp decks in the beginning of this season. These greedy ramp decks made mid range decks obsolete, so people had no choice but to play rush decks in order to counter them.

And just like rush decks keep control decks in check, mid range decks keep rush decks in check. But because of these greedy ramp decks there are no mid range decks in the meta to keep rush decks in check. If we just nerf rush decks then greedy ramp decks will dominate everything.

So again to emphasize ChaeHolic’s last point, BOTH Y rush and ramp decks need a nerf.


Rush is sometimes hard to defeat but it’s not a real problem with the games, it comes by default with the mechanics. Although the ranking games are the most affected I think the laddering games should not consist in one game but be more like the competition style of play from the Monthly Cups…where you can play ranked with 3 decks and best 2 out of 3 wins. In this way you can play 3 types of decks… Do you see where I’m going with this?
Having the ranking mode playable with modes like best 2 out of 3 or best 3 out of 5 can give the player better game experience and the chance to work out decks against any type of play. Some defensive or counter decks can really destroy a rush deck. In conclusion any deck has it’s weakness given the chance.
What do you think about this?

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i like the idea but not fully, playing Best out of 3 on ladder is just too much, i like the idea of taking 3 decks and u choose which one you play relying on who is ur opponent, cause yRush spammers are known, and if you lose once u’ll be prepared the next time. it gives u the chance of choosing when to test a deck and have fun and when to tryhard vs a spammer.

I’m not saying let’s stick on a different mode in ranked but I’m proposing different modes by choice like:
A) mode -1 game mode
B) mode - best 2 out of 3
C) mode - best 3 out of 5
Also a mode where you can deny by choice some cards(at least 10) and build up a deck without the pandora cards so anyone could be happy about it.

Modes are bad idea because it fragments multiplayer pool. I would prioritize shortening queues over matchmaking (ELO differences) let alone modes.

Lot’s of talk about nerfing ramp and I think this is the way to go. It was stated earlier but the checks of Rush>Control MR>Rush was good but now there is SO much ramp that we have a polarized meta. Personally, I don’t play rush (I use a ramp-ish GY sac) but I really don’t think it’s the problem- I think that players are being forced into playing rush to outrun ramp…and rally I think that ramp is fine in small doses but in every CCG I’ve played (lots of hearthstone and WAAAAY too much Duelyst) ramp is literally always a problem.
And isn’t it obvious that it would be? Giving certain factions or whatever the ability to circumvent the draw and/or resource system will ALWAYS result in imbalance as those systems are the very things that keep the game playable- imagine if in Faeria you started with a full hand, 20F and could make 5 lands per turn…doesn’t sound very fun.

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This so much. This game doesn’t need more gamemodes at all right now, unless the player base suddenly quadrupled or something.

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cough Gelgoog