Ruunin or seifer

i can craft 1 legendary card but i don’t know if craft ruunin because i want play green,
i have also thetra but i read that ruunin is not a good card so i thinked about craft seifer
is ruunin so bad?? is better seifer or an other leg??

Don’t craft either. Wait until you want to craft something specific, legendary or not. Crafting a legendary “cuz I can” is just a waste of memoria - and that could be way better used at crafting a bunch of cards for that silly deck you just thought of.

I agree. Don’t craft something unless it’s apart of a deck you want to try out. You’ll be much happier that way. In my opinion I feel like outside of a few cases having the 3 epics required for a deck is much more important than one legendary.

thanks for answers

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No problem hope they help!