Ruunin Seasonal Cup Recap

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Ruunin Seasonal Cup winners

Place Player Country Prizes
1 Sunekichi Japan $1250
2 Dilgarno Japan $750
3 Minocaro France $400
4 RaiZo Egypt $100

For the first time in Faeria history, Japan sweeps the finals! This tournament featured a lot of very close games, and is the final send-off for the Pantheon format. Let’s see how it all went down.

Final brackets

Tournament VoDs ( English)



The Grand Finals could not have been closer. In the final game, Sunekichi’s Shaytan Demons brought him all the way down to 2 health before he was able to win the game. An incredibly close series that is well worth watching.

Ruunin Cup Decks

Here are all the decks used by the top four players!

1st Place - Sunekichi

2nd Place - Dilgarno

3rd Place - Minocaro

4th Place - RaiZo

Deck links will be updated throughout the week.

Grand Final

Sunekichi 3-2 Dilgarno
Green Beastmasters 1-0 Garudan
Green Beastmasters 1-1 Azarai
Red Combat 2-1 Azarai
Red Combat 2-2 Ruunin
Yellow Tempo 3-2 Ruunin