Ruunin Seasonal Cup Weekend

Seasonal Cup tomorrow

Watch some of the best players in Faeria fight it out to see who is the champion for the Season of Ruunin, 2019.

The Ruunin Seasonal Cup will begin at 16:00 CEST, Saturday July 20th.

Make sure to follow FaeriaTV on Twitch to catch it when it goes live.

Egg Hatching

Egg hatching will be happening this weekend, as well as distribution of Eggs on the FaeriaTV stream - however, there is a slight obstacle we’ll run into as we’re on the tail end of the Faeria account transitioning system.

In short, new players won’t be able to log into the Hub to link their Twitch account for Eggs.


To make up for this, we’ll be giving away Eggs in other ways. Tune in to the stream tomorrow to find out how.

Khalim Opens begin next weekend

A new tournament season begins shortly!

Decks of the Week

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