Ruunin the Relentless buff?

I love this card but everyone tells me its week. I think she should also have charge 2. It makes sense to me as i feel ruunins messanges having jump illustrates the agility of these wolves, and Ruunin being a God (from what I understand) she should be able to move swiftly across the board so that I can truly feel like she is relentless.

I would say it’s pretty oday. :smiley:

I think in Pandora mode it’s a prettey strong card. In certain decks I guess it would be a good card. May be you want to look into this deck :slight_smile:
If you like the card and you can build the right deck around it I think it can be pretty strong.

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I have three decks built around it.

And who cares about pandora mode :/. Its OP there because you get enough Faeria per turn to summon her every turn. But I’m in now way guaranteed the opportunity to get her in Pandora.

I think she’s two week, building a deck around her is obviously going to make her stronger because your focusing on her primarily. The problem is her cost of 6 makes using her very difficult. to get her to 8/8 I have to spend 12 faeria, not to mention another 6 to get her on the board with that 8/8 load out. 6/6 for 6 mana is a pretty clean cut deal, add the dash and its a SLIGHTLY advantageous deal. But if we look at the process of acquiring 8/8 above (assuming lack of ability to use feed the forest, which inst cost efficient until she is 8/8 anyway) we have 3 summons. a 4/4 6/6 and 8/8 for a total cost of 18. 4+6+8= 18. So after spending so many turns and resources I am left with a deal presenting little to no advantages. Dash allows me to be more strategic in placement and positioning her, as well as potentially avoiding taunt. However I dont think this justifies. On the next summon we get up to 10/10 for 6. A good deal but again thats going to total 24 cost to 28/28 creature across all summons. I just dont feel like im really comming out ahead in this. Not to mention with my deck centered around her (Ruunin + time of legends) if she gets frog’d im screwd :frowning:

I do agree she deserves some kind of buff but the way she is designed requires you be cautious when changing her effect. A minion with theoretically infinite value is really easy to make broken. If she had charge 2, i don’t even think that would be too meaningful of a change. Another thing is that, if Ruunin was good enough to see competitive play, it would be an obnoxious card to lose to. Do you really want to put effort in killing an 8/8 just so you get the privilege of dealing with a 10/10? Blue has solid answers to Ruunin, and it creates fairly polarizing matchups for Ruunin. If Ruunin were good enough to see play in something like Red/Green Midrange, it would be another annoying legendary that put you in situations that make you feel hopeless because trying to kill it is sometimes a detriment to you. (I’m looking at you, Seifer. Not that i think Seifer needs a change though. He’s really good, and that’s ok. Some people don’t get that just because something is good, doesn’t mean it deservesa nerf)

But you have to take into account that your not JUST killing an 8/8 to have to deal with a 10/10. Ruunin requires a heavy amount of resources to run so you shut her down just as affectively by trying to take over the faeria wells. If i dont have acess to 3 of them, then i effectively require a “recharge” turn before I can send her back out (or 2 wells and the +1 from the power wheel). I agree with what you said about Seifer but I do think hes a tad strong since you can buff him right off the bat with your own cards essentially making him a “removal card or your out of luck”. Ruunin’s value is not “infinite”. As i mentioned in my above she requires quite the investment to turn into anything worthwhile. 12 Faeria gets you a 4/4 with dash and a 6/6 with dash. Crap. And even that first summon can be a brutal set back if ruunin gets removed with out taking out an enemy creature or two. Hence the charge would be really useful as the dash would allow you to position her well and prevent taunt lock, and the charge allowing you to hopefully get on the target you want ( the dash/charge mechanic is already something that bugs me, dash is like “hey this creature can move 2 tiles when you summon it but its going to sprain its ankle doing it so it can only move one tile after”. :confused:

To be honest, only the first incarnation is any close to being bad resource wise. It is 4/4 body with “last words: draw 6/6”. That’s a huge range of removal already.

Second one is 6/6 body for 6 with “draw 8/8”. It trades well with a lot of critters in the game. Third incarnation is pure value - and it only goes on from there.

And then you draw a Feed the Forest and your third incarnation Ruunin gets you 10/10 for 5 with a draw.

Ruunin is in a weird place since only blue cards have a solid answer to her gimmicks, and other decks are forced to play around her.

Everything I said was in the context of Ruunin receiving some sort of buff. As she is, the polarizing matchups and slow setup time make her weak. If she were to get buffed significantly, the problems I mentioned become more real. The suggestion you made would probably be fine. I’m warning against making her too good, which is easy to do, considering the general theme of Ruunin.

To clarify, I’m not saying she shouldn’t receive a buff, just that those who suggest a buff need to consider how much potential there is to tip her over the edge in terms of balance.

I wish her reincarnated growth is influenced by buffs on the board, but perhaps with rising cost to balance it out.

So 4/4 for 6 faeria when first summoned, so you can buff her to 6/8 with Elderwood Embrace for example then, she comes back as 8/10 in her next reincarnation. but perhaps for 1 more faeria cost each time or when she has grown more than expected, so anything more than 6/6, 8/8, etc. If she got debuffed by Voice of Truth the first time then she comes back as 6/6 for 6 faeria only. Something like that.

By the way, if Ruuin get Frogified, does that mean she is gone forever?

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Yeah, if she gets Frogified or transformed, she’s gone. This gives Blue a good matchup against Ruunin.

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Well, I just posted she needs a nerf. I’m only low gold division so far, tho.

But I notice that many fancy cards seem far more powerful during long games. I’m mostly playing attrition, where I rarely try to damage the enemy. It’s probably a terrible strat, but it makes for very long games which really amplify balance issues. I’m mostly getting beaten by legends and expensive-to-craft cards - so it’s feeling quite P2W :frowning:

Ruunin’s a great example. Without frogify she’s impossible in long games, and often starts around 12/12 or more.

Is there a reason that buffs on ruunin stay on it after death, but debuffs dont?

I thought buffs or debuffs both don’t stay with Ruuin after death. I think I saw it happen in game for both situations.

It came to the board as a 9/9 after I had killed it 2 times already. So I believe it was buffed in hand.

Probably from Beastmaster? Or Spirit of Rebirth, or Eredon? All 3 are possible.

Question - should Eredon buff Ruunin’s resurrection if she dies after him?
Because she “returns” to your hand it could be understood that she exists as a card on the board.
However, I doubt most people would understand it that way - it’s inconsistent.
Instead, it’s like creating a new Ruunin card - which I would expect to act like Hold the Line.
(aside: always use hold the line before killing your eredon).

I don’t know which way it goes though.

But I will say, the descriptions on the cards aren’t as clear as they could be. There possibly needs to be more standardized language - more bold keywords perhaps?

Eragorn buffs all the cards in your hand and deck. Runnin gets buffed if shes in your hand or deck. She doesn’t if she’s in play.

Even if you went so far as to say she is a card on the board, Eragorn does noty buff what is on the board.

Ok, change that question a bit - what if she’s in hand when he dies. Then she’s played with buff. Then she dies. Then she’s played again. Is she now buffed from Egarrorn also?

No, I don’t think so. I have seen Ruuin buffed with Elderwood Embrace on the board and she came back normal as if the previous buff didn’t happen at all. I have also used Voice of Truth to slow her growth but again her reincarnation didn’t register the previous debuff.