Ruunin's shrine + deathtouch bug?

I had a big creature (something like 10/14), and my opponent had a 4/1 death touch creature. I played Ruunin’s shrine and attacked my big creature into the death touch. As expected, the shrine took the damage instead of the creature, but neither of them were killed by death’s touch. The wording on the shrine seems to indicate that the damage is received by the shrine instead, which should trigger death touch since the damage still originated from the opponent’s creature.

Searching for this found an old reddit thread where the big creature ended up dying, so the mechanics must have been changed at some point.

Death tough destroys creatures that are damaged by the creature with this keyword.

Shrine redirects the damage, soaking it up itself. However, Shrine is a structure, so death touch doesn’t apply.
The creature who was hit by the death touch creature didn’t receive any damage, so death touch wouldn’t trigger as well.

Working as intended/worded. :wink: