Sacrifice a creature vs. Destroy a friendly creature

Right now there are 5 cards that have “Sacrifice a creature” wordings and 3 with “Destroy a friendly creature” one. I guess they’re about the same? If so, then it could be unified, with the “Sacrifice” the logical one to be kept, so there would be more unity in cards’ texts.

As somebody playing Magic the Gathering quite a lot, one might think about different mechanics for both scenarios.

If it is planned to have a diversity between an event/ability targeting a creature “destroy a creature” or if an event/ability is targeting a player making a decision in the case of “sacrifice a creature” there might be a difference as well.

I have no idea if the developers of the game as well as the game-mechanics behind it consider to implenent something like that.

If not, the simplification makes sense.

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I thought about it, but there is already an Outcast Cemetery that have an ability with “sacrifice” wording. Logic-wise, I can’t see the difference now. I guess it could be introduced later, but it is still slightly confusing, as by fact and flavour-wise both cases are really “sacrifice”.

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Could you list the specific cards for which you would consider the wording change?
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Of course!

  • Feed the Forest: Destroy a friendly creatureSacrifice a creature
  • Oath to Oblivion: Destroy a friendly creatureSacrifice a creature
  • Doomgate, Door to Oblivion: Destroy a friendly creatureSacrifice a creature
  • Voice of Hunger: Destroy all adjacent friendly creaturesSacrifice all adjacent creatures

Another note is that if/whenever there’d be something that prevents creatures from being destroyed (like regeneration in MTG etc), changing the wording would help. And/or would make it possible to properly differentiate it.

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I also checked the cards list.

And could only find exactly the same 4 cards kizu mentioned.

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Thank you guys! I will give your suggestions to the people working on this on Monday :slight_smile:

Hey guys, thanks a lot for your feedback !

We’ve been discussing the idea, and totally agree with you. The wording on the concerned cards will be changed from “Kill a friendly creature” to “Sacrifice a creature” in the near future.

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Thanks to the new search engine (looks great on the first glimpse <3 ) i realised that Triton sanctuary might also be a candidate for a change of the card text.
For me it’s a “sacrfice” effect as well… But if you are destroying a structure or sacrificing it… Might be a bit narrowminded and can be discussed… Just my two cents

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For clarity and consistency reasons it’d be nice to change it into “sacrifice a FRIENDLY creature”, because everywhere else “a creature” usually means either friendly or enemy creature.

In my opinion… the “friendly” wouldn’t be mandatory.
For me “Sacrifice” and “Destroy” are well defined based on my Magic The Gathering background.

“Sacrifice” without “opponent” or “each player” … targets the caster as a player.
Or a creature of the spellcasting player.

Destroy needs to be specified. I totally agree.

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So the wording on these cards is still the same.
Is there still the plan to change these cards accordingly?

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paging @Atmaz
Can you tell us something about that?
That shouldnt be something that takes half a year to resolve.