Sacrifice Another Creature

I’m referring to Demon Wrangler, Death Walker, Shaytan Assassin, and Lord of Wastes in particular. As far as the three games where I have tried playing them it seems that the aforementioned mechanic means a friendly creature only. Has anyone else had any experience where they were able to sacrifice an opponents creature?
If it is meant for ONLY friendly creatures could the word “friendly” be included in the card so as to lead a new/learning player to believe that the sacrifice mechanic could be used on an opponent creature?

I think the general consensus here is that “sacrifice” implies that you, personally, are giving something up to achieve the effect. In that case, it doesn’t make sense to be able to target an opponent’s creature for the sacrifice.

I don’t really want to name drop here but in Hearthstone cards with “destroy a demon/murloc/beast/a minion” are not restricted to friendly, unless stated on the card. That is where I am coming from.

Well yes, but “destroy” and “sacrifice” are different concepts. You can, of course, destroy something not yours (otherwise cards like last nightmare would be pointless), but how can you sacrifice something that’s not yours?

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Ok, definitely have to give you that because I was looking at them as the same thing. I didn’t realize that there were cards that had “destroy” in them in Faeria.