Screen Resolution problems

I’ve been having a bunch of problem with the game’s resolution. I’m using a 4:3 ratio monitor, currently set to 1200x1024. Here are the problems:

1. Playing in 4:3 aspect causes bugs.

-Impossible to place terrain at full hand:
More specifically, when the hand is full with cards, the last card on the right overlaps with the hitbox of the circle, making it impossible to place forest and lake, because the click is registered as clicking on the card instead.

-Visibility issues
Again, when at full hand, the last card or two are partially hidden under the circle.

2. Changing the resolution does not persist between sessions!
Because the game has issues, I manually change the resolution and play in windowed mode. However each time I start up the game, the unity launcher at the beginning is reset to 4:3 aspect resolutions, forcing me to change it later from the client each time.

Thanks @SomniumProxy, I’ve raised your particular issue with the Devs.

We’re aware that there are some issues with specific resolutions and are attempting to resolve these issues as soon as we can.