Season Cardback requirement should be lowered

Like a certain cough over game the requirement for card backs should be lowered to around 20 to encourage players to try the ladder and give lower skilled player a goal that feels achievable and a reward they can progress towards.

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I’d like if the lower card back wasn’t even tied to rank, but more based on participation. It could be for playing a certain number of games in the month so that you can do it with a Casual deck.

Also, as the population grows, the Pandora top 64 clearly becomes a lot more exclusive that it originally was. Not necessarily a problem, but idk if that’s the intention or whether it’s also due for a rework.

EDIT: yeah actually i changed my mind LOL rank 20 is achievable within hours.

give them a bronze cardback then. but silver at rank 20 is too easy

Really? They give you rank 15 and you’re still too lazy to do that? If it “encourages players to try the ladder” then that would be more true with rank 15. Rank 15 is not hard to achieve, at all. If it’s too easy it loses what little meaning it has.

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I had another easy climb to God rank this month and I’m probably going to have a crack at the Pandora top 64 again too. I recognise that this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea though and it’s nice for everyone to get at least one card back if they just contribute to the playerbase, regardless of whether they play in the more competitive modes.

Keep in mind that a lot of players have limited collections, limited skill or limited interest, but they should be able to enjoy themselves and not feel like they’re getting punished for their limitations just because they can’t quite reach some arbitrary rank.

In the HS system, you can netdeck to Legend (or even rank 5) and then “earn” card backs for a couple of months without even logging in, as your rank sinks back down. Idk if that’s what the reward should be focused on when it could be more inclusive and reward people for playing, rather than winning.

I don’t know, everyone have different preferences. I would rather have card/chest instead of card back. A choice for the lowest threshold reward would be nice

But rank 15 is not easy for new players who may struggle to even have 3 of the same cards.

I am playing somewhat casually and stuck between rank 17 to 19.

cardback isnt that hard. you can unlock silver cardback in pandora in 3 pandora runs

If your average is 8 or more wins, but clearly not everyone has that average. The average for most people is 3 wins, which yields ~21 points over 3 runs.

I started a new account today and hit rank 15 in probably a couple of hours, which I would say is much quicker and easier than playing 3 8-win Pandoras, but I think even that is probably a higher bar than intended for a typical new player to achieve.

i guess so, but why reward ppl with cardbacks so easily. it’s a reward, not a participation trophy. it devalues everyone else’s work to unlock it

not to mention, gold vs silver has no effect on which card looks better. I personally like the silver pandora cardback more than the gold cardback. i think if they reward cardbacks easier, its bad on competition, especially in a mode where only top 64 get the cardback.