Season Rewards

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Seasons in Faeria last about a month.

Each season, the ranked ladder is reset, Pandora Points are cleared, and rewards are given for each specific tier that players have reached in Battle Mode and Pandora.

The end of each Ranked Season occurs on the first Monday or every month at 12:00pm CET, or CEST depending on the time of the year.

Battle mode season reset

After each season reset, player ranks are updated as follows:

Pandora mode season reset

At any time, you can check and see the current Pandora ranks at this location:

You can also see the rewards available for accumulating Pandora Points each month. Score in the top 64 to win a special gold Pandora card back!

After each season reset, keep an eye out for Monthly Cups where the highest ranked players in the game compete for $3300 in cash prizes.